Let’s Talk Show Dailies at Booth #1402 during #ExpoExpo

Will you be making your way through Expo Expo in search of new sources for non-dues revenue? Or is your organization thinking about eliminating your onsite program book? We hope you’ll stop by our booth (#1402) to talk about how attendees, exhibitors and the host organization all benefit from a show daily.

Complement your Mobile App

Digital signage reminded attendees to pick up the show daily.

With the rising adoption rates for mobile apps, the future of onsite program books has come into question. Program books can be costly, labor-intensive and often needs an addendum to update information that had been accurate at the time of printing (4-6 weeks prior to the conference).

But eliminating your program book shouldn’t mean eliminating all onsite printed materials. Attendees still want access to a printed version of the daily schedule, as well as the exhibitor list and floor plan. How do we know this? We’ve seen it:

  • The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation discontinued their Souvenir Journal, choosing to provide a revamped mobile app and microsite, along with the existing show daily. Attendees were using the app to for session information prior to the conference, but when they arrived on site – they sought out the show daily because of the daily schedule page. They needed room numbers for the sessions they wanted to attend, but didn’t want to stop and access the mobile app. Copies were gone by 1 p.m. each day. Show Daily Flies Off Shelf as Attendees Seek Printed Schedule.

    Use your show daily’s centerspread to publish a full size exhibit hall floor plan and company director.
    Use your show daily’s centerspread to publish a full size exhibit hall floor plan and company director.
  • The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) eliminated the program book for their CSM conference, mainly because of the stress put on staff to produce the book. The only complaint received? Attendees wanted the exhibitor list and floor plan in print format. The solution? The list and map appeared in the next day’s issue of the show daily, and will be in all issues at next year’s conference. Read our case studies.

There are also cross-promotion tie-ins between show dailies and mobile apps:

  • Include an article and daily reminders about the mobile app in your show daily.
  • Create a news section for your mobile app, for show daily digital links and photo albums.

Show Daily Advertising & Sponsorships

Show dailies offer your exhibitors and sponsors different ways to reach their target audiences – attendees and association members, resulting in a new non-dues revenue stream for your organization.

  • Display advertising: Can range from 1/8th (business card) to full page ads. Premium placements include page one strip ad, inside front and back covers and back cover.
  • Classified advertising: Help attendees connect with potential employers by offering classified advertising in your show daily. Read more here, Employers See Value in Show Daily Advertising.
  • New Product Showcase listings: Encourage exhibitors to introduce new products at your conference by creating an easy way for them to promote these launches. A New Product Showcase listing could include a color photo, booth number and 50-100 word product description. See example here.

    Generate advertising revenue with a New Product Showcase.
  • Advertorials: Priced along the same lines as display advertising, this is an alternative for exhibitors seeking editorial coverage of company news, products, announcements, etc. See example here.
  • Exhibitor News: Receiving calls from exhibitors about ways to get their news into the show daily? Offer complimentary press release publication as a value-added opportunity for advertisers. You can set it at 200-300 words per article – and make it more appealing by accepting a logo or photo with each article. See example here.
  • Email Banner Ads: Distributing your show daily links via a daily email newsletter to attendees and/or members. Set a number (we like 4) of banner ads to sell in each issue – which will generate anywhere from $2-5,000. See example here, Show Daily and Email Newsletter Links.
  • T-Shirt and display bin advertising: These would be targeted towards exhibitors looking to make a big splash. Having your show daily distribution temps with the conference logo on the front and sponsor logo on the back will not only generate revenue, but also make your show daily more visible!  Read more here, Sponsors Looking for that Big Splash.

Visit us at Expo Expo!

We hope you’ll visit booth #1402 during Expo Expo. Or you can contact Jenn Waters, jwaters@showdailies.com, for more information.


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