#SocialMedia Fun in your Show Daily!

Attendees love social media, especially when they are asked to do something fun…like write Valentine’s Day posts during CSM 2020. We then published them in the show daily, giving their creativity a little extra visibility! csm valentines day post

There’s many ways to tie social media and show dailies together, including:

  • Reminding attendees how to connect with your organization via your many different social media channels.
  • Share links to the digital version, to show those not in attendance what they are missing.
  • Post a selection of “top tweets” in the show daily. Attendees will love their new notoriety.
  • Include the conference hashtag in each issue, as a gentle reminder to attendees to include it in their posts.

Let’s talk about how show dailies and social media campaigns can support each other – contact Jenn Waters, jwaters@showdailies.com, for more information!


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