Digital Publishing Solutions for Virtual Events

Andrew Neel

Moving a conference to a virtual platform can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many decisions that need to be answered, from which technology supplier to select, along with session formats, programming length and how to manage a virtual exhibit hall.

And of course it may be unclear as to what the reception from attendees, exhibitors and sponsors could be. Providing tools and resources to help them get the most out of this new event space is key.

Here’s how CustomNEWS can help:

  • Create a daily digital publication that serves as the attendee’s guide for the event.
  • Offer budget-friendly (we’re talking cheap!) advertising opportunities to exhibitors. Help them connect with their target market – your attendees. Options can include email banner ads, advertorials, product and service listings, display ads and premium placements.
  • Share the content far and wide, to help those unable to participate feel included.
  • Generate much-needed non-dues revenue to offset sponsorships that could not be manipulated into the virtual space.

Case Study: CustomNEWS is currently working with an association to produce four issues of a digital show daily (flipbook and PDF) that will be shared via a daily email newsletter during their virtual annual meeting. There is no cost to the organization for this publication. Content will include daily programming highlights, session previews and recaps, virtual exhibit hall information and much more!

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