Event Canceled? Digital Communications Tools Connect Attendees & Exhibitors

cancelledHundreds of conferences and tradeshows have been canceled in just a few months’ time. For most, there was no alternative. The situation was just too volatile to risk waiting to see if curves flattened. CustomNEWS knows that canceling an Annual Meeting results in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Everyone suffers from the cancellation:

  • Attendees look forward to educational opportunities, networking with colleagues and speaking with exhibitors.
  • Exhibitors depend on the face-to-face connections that live events offer, especially when they have a new product or service to showcase.
  • Speakers are unable to deliver their presentations, after investing time to prepare.
  • Associations miss out on connecting with members, promoting new research, publications, offerings and future events, thanking industry supporters and speaking with non-member attendees about the benefits of membership.

Here’s how CustomNEWS can help:

  • Develop a digital-only publication that would share content (from both 2020 and possibly 2019) with your database (members, past attendees, industry supporters, etc.).
  • Did your conference have tracks? We’ll create an issue to focus on the topic of each track.
  • We’ll interview speakers unable to present at the conference.
  • Exhibitors can still reach their target audience – your members and attendees.
  • Under our royalty scenario, there would be no cost to your organization for the publication. CustomNEWS will offer a 50:50 revenue share, to help recoup lost revenue.
  • To support the publication, we would offer budget-friendly (we’re talking cheap!) advertising opportunities to exhibitors. Help them connect with their target market – your attendees. Options can include email banner ads, advertorials, product and service listings, display ads and premium placements.

Interested in learning more about CustomNEWS’ digital publishing services? Contact us at info@showdailies.com.


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