Enhance Virtual Sponsorships with Content Marketing and Digital Advertising Opportunities

Incorporating content marketing and digital advertising placements into sponsorship packages will increase an exhibitor’s ROI and also generate non-dues revenue. Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard dozens of different suggestions for virtual conference sponsorships. Some create networking opportunities on virtual conference platforms. Others are more about engagement and building community, such as sponsored gifts and virtual concerts. Then there are sponsorships tied to virtual exhibit halls, such as scavenger hunts.

What about building packages that incorporate some of these opportunities, along with content marketing or digital advertising placements? Doing so will both increase a sponsor’s ROI and also increase your non-dues revenue stream.

Opportunities to look at include ad placements in digital publications such as digital daily newspaper or daily conference newsletter, mobile apps, conference websites and/or the virtual conference platform.

  • Case studies: Sharing real-world examples about product usage, problem-solving opportunities or new ways to approach a challenge will resonate with a company’s target market – your attendees and members. Case studies can be promoted on digital platforms and published in your digital daily newspaper. Putting “paid advertisement” at the top of the page will indicate that these are paid advertising placements.
  • Sponsored e-blasts: Your exhibitors and sponsors seek opportunities that will connect them with qualified leads. Limited e-blast opportunities that allow the advertiser to design an email that will reach your members and attendees will be very popular, and would generate significant non-dues revenue.
  • Digital ad packages: Mobile apps, virtual conference platforms, websites, email newsletters and digital daily newspapers offer numerous advertising placements. Sponsors can use these placements to generate leads by linking their ads to a landing page, or offering a content download.

So many webinars talk about pivoting and thinking outside the box. But this is also the time to try something new. You’re “go-to” sponsorships may not translate into the virtual space, so put some new ideas out there for sponsors to continue. You never know, you could see a positive response – and many of these could continue when lives events return, adding another revenue stream for your organization.

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