Virtual Conferences: Can Print Add Value?

Print publications can add value to a virtual conference. Photo by Bank Phrom on Unsplash

The shift to virtual conferences has brought the role of digital communication tools to the forefront – email, digital communication vehicles and social media channels are now your primary tools for promoting events, sharing content and staying connected.

But our team has recently been discussing how printed materials could enhance the virtual conference experience – and be an appealing advertising opportunity to your exhibitors and sponsor.

  • Variables to consider: publication size, paper stock and the number of pages. It could be mailed directly from the printer. (See below about where to send.)
  • Providing a printed schedule gives attendees something to refer to throughout the conference – rather than having to log onto the virtual conference platform every time they want to check on a session time or look up the name of an exhibitor.
  • Increase ROI by highlighting education sessions and tracks – hearing from the speakers may increase virtual attendance.
  • Promote the virtual exhibit hall – exhibitors need to see how you’ll drive traffic into the virtual exhibit hall. Include the exhibitor list and company descriptions so that attendees can see who is participating before the conference even begins.
  • Create advertising packages that include the complimentary publication of articles/case studies/press releases – value-added opportunities will increase exhibitor interest.

Hybrid Meetings

When live events do return, we expect to see conferences offering a hybrid component. We’ve attended webinars where speakers talked about ways to help virtual attendees feel welcome. Rather than just hitting “record” to live-stream sessions, meeting organizers are encouraged to also create exclusive content for the virtual audience.

What about sending your virtual attendees a printed publication produced exclusively for them?

  • Highlight the virtual conference schedule.
  • Include information for tech support.
  • Interview speakers to highlight education session tracks and topics.
  • Share association news.
  • Exhibitors would be interested in reaching this “bonus” audience through advertising and advertorial placements.

Where to Send?

We do recognize that the big question would be, where would we mail it? Many of your attendees may still be working from home – will they be willing to share their home address? It could be a field included on the registration form.

  • Sharing the publications in a digital format via email and social media, and posting to the conference website, would also expand the readership.


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