Blog Round-Up: Virtual Events, Part 2

Attendees listen to Sara Townsend talk about "Don't YOU Clean That?"
How will you fill seats at your virtual conference?

Virtual conferences continue to make headlines. As more and more events move to virtual platforms, new questions arise. How do you market the event? How do you support your exhibitors and sponsors? Here’s a look at a few more posts related to virtual conferences.

Digital publishing tools can be used for pre-event marketing, share content and increase ROI during the event and continue the conversation after the event ends.

We also see a potential roll for print publications, for both virtual and hybrid conferences.

Virtual Conferences: Get the Word Out

  • Your virtual conference needs attendees and, most likely, sponsors and exhibitors. How will you promote your event? Methods that you may have used in the past, such as printed brochures or calls to offices, will no longer work – everyone is at home! You have to fight for your prospective attendee’s online attention.  Click here to continue reading.

Virtual Exhibit Halls: Driving Traffic

  • “How will you drive traffic into the exhibit hall?” is probably the most common question asked by exhibitors. Three months ago, you would have spoken about marketing and signage, dedicated hours and meal services. Now, you need a new answer. Click here to continue reading.

Virtual Conferences: Can Print Add Value?

  • The shift to virtual conferences has brought the role of digital communication tools to the forefront. But our team has recently been discussing how printed materials could enhance the virtual conference experience – and be an appealing advertising opportunity to your exhibitors and sponsor. Click here to continue reading.

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