Virtual Events: Showcasing your Poster Hall

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CadmiumCD’s virtual poster hall.

Poster Halls are a trademark of medical conferences. Poster authors often have the opportunity to present their research during poster sessions. With the move to virtual platform, what does that mean for the Poster Hall?


  • Here’s a case study from CadmiumCD, about how they assisted a client in moving a poster session into their virtual platform.

But in some ways, driving traffic to a Virtual Poster Hall may present some of the same challenges as a virtual exhibit hall does. Creating ways to spotlight content will increase awareness and drive traffic to the Virtual Poster Hall.

Digital Publication

Incorporate highlights from your Virtual Poster Hall into each issue of your digital daily newspaper, to remind attendees that they should take time to visit the Virtual Poster Hall:

  • Write an article about each track, pick out some of the highlights. Depending on the number of entries per track, you could include links to each poster; or a few short Q&A features with a few authors
  • Ask your attendees to comment on posters they visit – make it a daily Q&A feature.
  • Will you be awarding prizes? Be sure to announce them in your digital daily newspaper.

Get Your Authors Involved

Just as you encourage your exhibitors to promote their participation in your event, provide content that authors can share via social media:

  • Encourage all authors to have Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts, maybe Instagram too if your organization is active on that channel.
  • Include links to these profiles in their poster description information – will help them connect with attendees who view their posters.
  • Create a template that has three questions. After they add their answers, they can send it back to you team, and have it created into a graphic to share online to promote their research.
  • Provide authors with the links to the issues of the digital daily newspaper they are featured in.

Social Media

Scheduling posts on all your social media channels, to remind attendees to visit the Virtual Poster Hall can be done in advance.

  • Publishing a digital daily newspaper gives you content to share across multiple channels.
  • Include Twitter handles when sharing in Tweets.
  • You can also share this content after the conference ends, to highlight the features of your Virtual Conference.

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