Blog Round-Up: Virtual Exhibit Hall

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How will you drive traffic to your virtual exhibit hall?

Does your virtual conference have a virtual exhibit hall? We’ve recently written about how digital publishing tools can be used to drive traffic, increase an exhibitor’s ROI and provide ways for exhibitors to stand out.

Use Value-added Opportunities to Increase ROI for Virtual Exhibitors

  • Your virtual conference needs attendees and, most likely, sponsors and exhibitors. How will you promote your event? Methods that you may have used in the past, such as printed brochures or calls to offices, will no longer work – everyone is at home! You have to fight for your prospective attendee’s online attention.  Click here to continue reading.

Enhance Virtual Sponsorships with Content Marketing and Digital Advertising Opportunities

  • Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard dozens of different suggestions for virtual conference sponsorships. What about building packages that incorporate some of these opportunities, along with content marketing or digital advertising placements? Doing so will both increase a sponsor’s ROI and also increase your non-dues revenue stream. Click here to continue reading.

Virtual Exhibit Halls: Driving Traffic

  • “How will you drive traffic into the exhibit hall?” is probably the most common question asked by exhibitors. Three months ago, you would have spoken about marketing and signage, dedicated hours and meal services. Now, you need a new answer. Click here to continue reading.

Virtual Conferences: Can Print Add Value?

  • The shift to virtual conferences has brought the role of digital communication tools to the forefront. But our team has recently been discussing how printed materials could enhance the virtual conference experience – and be an appealing advertising opportunity to your exhibitors and sponsor. Click here to continue reading.

Virtual Events: What’s in it for Exhibitors?

  • Industry partnerships are invaluable to associations. While these partnerships often involve more than just purchasing a tradeshow booth, exhibiting offers companies the opportunity to network with their target market – your attendees. When an event is cancelled, it’s a missed opportunity. Click here to continue reading.


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