Virtual Conferences: What about your Store?

APIC store opens and attendees head to the microbe stuff animals.
How will you promote your merchandise during a virtual conference?

Onsite bookstores often draw crowds at conferences. Attendees have the opportunity to shop apparel, publications and other fun items to take home. But what happens when your event is moved onto a virtual platform? Can you still sell these items through your online store? And can you do so without asking a staff member to turn their garage into a shipping center, if you do not have an online store?


As more organizations move to virtual events, we’re hearing about resources such as Spreadshirt, which may be a solution for those without online stores.

Promoting Merchandise

Even though attendees can’t browse through the bookstore, they will be interested in items such as new publications, clothing and other resources.

  • Create banner ads that can appear on your virtual platform, in your mobile app or in email communications.
  • Publishing a digital show daily? Include articles about new publications, along with house ads to remind attendees about available merchandise.
  • Thank your virtual attendees by offering a discount on purchases made during your virtual event.
  • Create social media posts about publications, t-shirts, etc.

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