Canceled Events: You Can Still Connect Exhibitors with Their Target Markets

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Canceling an event can be heartbreaking, for all stakeholders involved.  Time, energy and money was invested by the host organization’s staff, speakers and exhibitors. Attendees were looking forward to networking and learning opportunities.

Most organizations have never had to cancel an event of this magnitude before. A lot of factors go into the decision, but it still may leave exhibitors and sponsors wondering “what do we do now?”

This blog post from Skyline Exhibits had some good suggestions.

Another that we’d like to add to the list: Encourage exhibitors to contact the host organization and toss out some ideas. Tell them what you, as an exhibitor, are looking for. Maybe share examples from other trade shows.

A meeting organizer may have had similar ideas, but opted not to promote them because they didn’t expect any interest. Or maybe the organization had to downsize their workforce and are concerned about execution.

Here are a few ideas that would help connect exhibitors with organization members and conference attendees.

  • Sponsored e-blasts: Offer exhibitors and sponsors the opportunity to create email messages to send to a recipient list that may include past attendees, members and other target audiences. (Don’t want to risk unsubscribes from your mailing list? CustomNEWS can help.)
  • Digital publication series: Create a digital publication that spotlights content that was to be shared during the conference, through speaker interviews. Also include interviews from attendees on challenges they are facing, and conquering, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple advertising opportunities can be incorporated into the series, to connect exhibitors and attendees.
  • Hosted Twitter chats: Check out how RunChat offers sponsors the opportunity to connect with users and promote their products.

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