Does Your Virtual Event Need a Printed Program?

Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

Yes, we really are posing that question. Why, you may wonder, would a digital event need a printed program? Wouldn’t the conference website, email newsletters or a digital guide be better fits?

Possibly, but why only rely on digital mediums? A printed program, regardless of the page size or paper stock, could be very useful:

  • An attendee may want to do a quick schedule check, without logging on to the virtual platform.
  • Attendees can, on their own time, review the schedules, view the exhibitor list, read session previews
  • Use it as a “user’s guide” for navigating the virtual platform.
  • Shows exhibitors that you are actively promoting the virtual exhibit hall. You can also include company descriptions and contact information. (Can also sell an upgraded listing to generate advertising revenue.)
  • Offer print advertising opportunities including display ads, advertorials and product and services showcase listings.

Where to mail?

  • Attendees would provide their mailing address upon registering.

Digital too?

  • Yes, the publication would be made available in a digital format, for those who did not register in time to receive it before the event began. They would still receive a copy in the mail.

Production timeframe?

  • CustomNEWS would recommend mailing the piece no more than three weeks prior to the start of the digital event, and the publication would be mailed directly from our printer. We can contract with a printer centrally located within the United States, to help with mail-times.

Who develops the content?

  • CustomNEWS can assist with speaker interviews and writing articles, to supplement what your organization is preparing.

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