Post-Event Communications: Continue to Share Content, Generate Revenue

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Whether it’s a live or virtual event, the sharing of conference content shouldn’t stop just because the event has concluded. Digital publishing provides multiple tools that can increase your ROI, connect exhibitors with their target audience and remind users about future opportunities.

  • Do you offer on-demand sessions? Promote access: attendees may have missed a session, or an entire day of programming.
  • Was there a session that was more popular than expected? Write about it!
  • Are you offering future offerings on the same topic? Include a box at the end of a session recap: “For more information on xx, check out xx publication or xx webinar.”

Post-event publication series

Yes, most organizations will include conference coverage in their publications, but often it will be a month or two before the next magazine issue is released. What if you planned, before the event, to launch a post-event series within 1-2 weeks after the event concludes? Keep the conversation going, and the connections growing!

  • The number of issues is flexible. It could correspond with the number of tracks; or maybe set it at two per month, for a three-month period.
  • CustomNEWS’ team of writers, photographers and videographers will curate content (stories, images and video clips).
  • The publication can be shared via social media, and the content repurposed throughout the year.

Virtual Events

It’s unlikely that every attendee watched every session. And some may have missed the event all together due to schedule conflicts.

  • Share content highlights through session recaps and video clips.
  • Promote on-demand recordings.
  • Highlight future educational offerings.
  • Thank your virtual exhibitors – and provide their contact information too.

Live Events

Now, more than ever, sharing conference content will be critical – as attendance may not immediately rebound to pre-pandemic levels.

  • Create social media posts that highlight specific topic areas – it will help you reach new markets.
  • Offering on-demand recordings? Promote them!
  • Don’t forget the exhibitors: include coverage of the exhibit hall, product launches, etc. Invite exhibitors to submit content, they will appreciate the opportunity!


CustomNEWS publishes post-event publication series, at no cost. Contact us today to learn more,


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