Blog Round-Up: Virtual Events, Part 3

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Moving to a virtual platform provides both new opportunities and challenges. Some elements of a live event, such as a poster hall or onsite store, may require some creative thinking. But without travel requirements, attendance may see a boost; and you can also market to new audiences – invite them to “test drive” what you offer, without leaving their homes.

Check out a few of our recent posts related to virtual events:

How do you Communicate with Attendees during a Virtual Event?

  • At live events, you have a captive audience. Conference logistics keep attendees engaged, and moving along, from sessions to the exhibit hall, back to sessions, etc. But how do you keep users engaged during a virtual conference? Click here to continue reading.

Virtual Events: Showcasing your Poster Hall

  • Poster Halls are a trademark of medical conferences. Poster authors often have the opportunity to present their research during poster sessions. With the move to virtual platform, what does that mean for the Poster Hall? Click here to continue reading.

Virtual Conferences: Get the Word Out

  • Your virtual conference needs attendees and, most likely, sponsors and exhibitors. How will you promote your event? Methods that you may have used in the past. The obvious answer would be to use digital communication methods and social media. But, guess what? So is everyone else! Click here to continue reading.

Virtual Conferences: What about your Store?

  • Onsite bookstores often draw crowds at conferences. Attendees have the opportunity to shop apparel, publications and other fun items to take home. But what happens when your event is moved onto a virtual platform? Can you still sell these items through your online store? And can you do so without asking a staff member to turn their garage into a shipping center, if you do not have an online store? Click here to continue reading.

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