How do you Increase an Event’s ROI? Share Content throughout the Year

Increase your ROI by identifying ways to repurpose conference content.

Conferences cost money, a lot of money really. Yes, they do bring in revenue, through registrations, sponsorships, exhibit booth sales, onsite stores, etc. But is there more that can be done?


Investing in onsite content curation at your event – digital or live – provides a wealth of tools that can be shared in the coming months across a range of mediums.

On-demand offerings are expected to become the norm, for both virtual and live events. Making the content accessible to users is important, even if there’s a cost associated with it.  But first you have to promote it, so they know what to look for!

Session Coverage

CustomNEWS’ team of experienced reporters will cover educational sessions, interview exhibitors and recap poster sessions, providing your team with a wealth of content that can be shared in many ways:

  • Publish a post-conference digital newspaper series to share content, which can also include images and videos clips. The number of issues can depend on the number of tracks, number of topics that were covered or a set number per month. Non-dues revenue can be generated through display advertising placements, advertorials and product listings.
  • Create an email newsletter series that focuses on one topic per month. Content would include links to session recaps, along with other related offerings such as new publications, webinars, etc. Offer a limited number of banner ad placements – exhibitors will be interested.

Video Segments

Videography is not just for onsite events. CustomNEWS is working on multiple projects that will include the creation of short video clips and video montages. These videos will be shared throughout the year, and become a great marketing tool for future events.

  • Embed videos into your digital newspaper series.
  • Host the video clips on your conference website.
  • Share the clips via social media. Gives you #FlashbackFriday content for months!

Photo Library

Hundreds of photos are taken at conferences. Taking these images and organizing them into a photo library will provide dynamic content that can be shared throughout the year:

  • Create albums on your social media channels. Attendees will tag themselves!
  • Use the images in future marketing and editorial materials.

If your photography vendor offers to create a photo library for you, it’s worth the expense! Having images sorted by day/event will take a lot of the guesswork out of it – then a few staff members can add in speaker names, etc., as needed.

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