Monthly Round-Up: June’s Popular Posts

Don’t overlook what print can offer a virtual conference.

During the month of June, we added 11 posts to our blog, focused on marketing and communications ideas related to the impact of COVID-19. We wrote about the potential role for print publications, ideas for canceled events, sharing content and much more.

We wanted to highlight a few of the month’s popular posts, along with a few that you may have missed.

Most Popular Posts…

Virtual Events: Creating a Community

  • Attending a conference in your field or industry puts you together with others who enjoy the work, face the same challenges and sometimes just need some encouragement. What about during a virtual event? How do you welcome all attendees, and create a feeling of community? How do you include your exhibitors and sponsors. Click here to continue reading.

Use Value-added Opportunities to Increase ROI for Virtual Exhibitors

  • Virtual events do not offer the same metrics as live events. Thus it’s natural that exhibitors may be hesitant to embrace a virtual exhibit hall. What about incentives? Offering value-added opportunities, at minimal or no cost to your organization, will show that you recognize the commitment that exhibitors and sponsors are making to your event. Click here to continue reading.

Virtual Exhibit Halls: Driving Traffic

  • “How will you drive traffic into the exhibit hall?” is probably the most common question asked by exhibitors. Three months ago, you would have spoken about marketing and signage, dedicated hours and meal services. Now, you need a new answer. Click here to continue reading.

Virtual Conferences: Get the Word Out

  • Take a deep breath, you’ve done it! Your live event has been reconfigured as a virtual conference. Congratulations! Now, the hard part comes – getting the word out! You can’t use the Field of Dreams “built it and they will come” philosophy. Click here to continue reading.

Did You Read?

Does Your Virtual Event Need a Printed Program?

  • Yes, we really are posing that question. Why, you may wonder, would a digital event need a printed program? Wouldn’t the conference website, email newsletters or a digital guide be better fits? Possibly, but why only rely on digital mediums? Click here to continue reading.

Canceled Events: You Can Still Connect Exhibitors with Their Target Markets

  • Canceling an event can be heartbreaking, for all stakeholders involved.  Most organizations have never had to cancel an event of this magnitude before. A lot of factors go into the decision, but it still may leave exhibitors and sponsors wondering “what do we do now?” Click here to continue reading.

Post-Event Communications: Continue to Share Content, Generate Revenue

  • Whether it’s a live or virtual event, the sharing of conference content shouldn’t stop just because the event has concluded. Digital publishing provides multiple tools that can increase your ROI, connect exhibitors with their target audience and remind users about future opportunities. Click here to continue reading.


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