Planning for the Hybrid Experience

How will you welcome virtual attendees at your next live event?

Live events will return, that we’re sure of. When? Who knows. Will they look the same, pre-COVID? Probably not.

Welcoming back live events will not be easy. After losing millions due to cancelled events, venues need to look at what is needed to welcome back in-person events. Rooms may need to be reconfigured for social distancing, and cleaning protocols must be followed.

Now, another thing to consider – hybrid events. While many attendees may be eager to return to live events, many will not, for a variety of reasons. Meeting planners still want to make their content, and overall conference experience, available to a wider audience.

Convention centers, and hotels, are already heading in the right direction: building broadcast studios, upgrading technology and making other related improvements.

Digital Publishing Increases ROI

One key to creating a successful hybrid event is making your virtual attendees. Streaming broadcasts from the venue’s studio is a great first step in creating original and exclusive content for this important group:

  • Invite speakers for a post-session Q&A, and encourage virtual attendees to submit their questions.
  • Don’t forget your exhibitors: invite them to participate in panels, discuss new products or summarize content from an on-site event
  • Take them on a tour of the book store
  • Set themes for a tours of the exhibit hall, i.e. new products, top tier exhibitors, new exhibitors, etc.

Digital Publishing Generates Revenue

Once a plan is developed for the hybrid component of an event, we hope you’ll look at ways to both connect attendees and exhibitors while also creating a new revenue stream.

  • Create a daily digital publication for your virtual audience – remind them about programming schedules, highlights, etc.
  • Include exclusive content.
  • Feature virtual attendee profiles.
  • Spotlight exhibitors
  • Create advertising opportunities in this publication, and a corresponding email newsletter.

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