Helping Exhibitors: Does your Virtual Exhibit Hall Need a Show Guide? Print and Digital Offerings Add Value!

How can you help exhibitors generate ROI from a virtual exhibit hall?

ROI is very important to exhibitors. At live events, they can measure ROI by the number of visitors to their booth, scanned badges and attendance at special events.

Virtual events do not offer a captive audience in the same way that live events do. Attendees may know that there is a virtual exhibit hall, but if there time is limited, they may focus on the education sessions.

Attendees may know about the virtual exhibit hall, but are the details clear? Can they visit the booths at any time, and leave questions for the company during “non-staffed” hours?

Publish a Show Guide

To help attendees be aware about the companies participating in your virtual exhibit hall, publish a show guide. This can be produced as a digital or print publication.

Digital may be seen as more cost-effective, but mailing this piece to your attendees/members may offer greater ROI.

Content can include:

  • Information on the exhibits – how to access, when booths will be staffed, etc.
  • Alphabetical directory, with links to each booth
  • Category listings
  • New Products
  • Company descriptions

Having access to this information outside the virtual conference platform may also to users as well.

Year-Round Exhibits? Go with a Printed Guide!

Many organizers are making their virtual halls accessible for an extended period after the conclusion of the virtual event.

Consider an advertising-supported publication that would be mailed to attendees after the conclusion of your virtual event. Remind them about the continued access to the virtual exhibit hall.

Exhibitors will appreciate the outreach being done on their behalf.

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