Blog Round-up: Printing for Virtual Events

Digital marketing quickly became the go-to tool for promoting virtual events. Paid advertising, email blasts and social media campaigns all help get the word out. But is digital enough?

Don’t overlook the role that print can play as a marketing tool. Inboxes are over-flowing, we’re maxing out on screen time…why not send a print preview or highlights issue to an attendee’s home or office?

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One thought on “Blog Round-up: Printing for Virtual Events

  1. “Virtual events is the new finding of 2020 and credits to the coronavirus who made us sit at home, locking down the whole of the world.

    It is nice to see someone is typing down a whole article about how to go about this which we all are very new. So, I would like to take this moment and appreciate this wonderful article.
    Thank you very much!!”

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