When to Bring in an Expert?

Conference organizers have always had many moving parts to juggle; but that’s expanded ten-fold now thanks to the impact of COVID-19 on the meetings industry.

An interesting article from Naylor looked at the benefits of adding a third-party planner to your team. The same could be said for working with an experiences conference publisher such as CustomNEWS.

Experts in Our Field

It’s no secret, meeting planners have to know a lot about A LOT. But, for the CustomNEWS team, it’s our job to become experts in conference publishing. As we read about challenges that our colleagues are facing, we are here to develop the solutions that they may not realize they need.

We also have tried-and-true resources to turn to, whether it be for a printer to mail a printed program, a writer to cover remote sessions or a videographer to create video clips.

We take the guesswork out of how to do something that you may love the sound of, but fear it’s too complicated or time-consuming to execute.

New Ideas Bring in New Revenue

Conference budgets and sponsorship prospectuses had to be tossed out the window last March. Virtual events did not create the same “big-ticket” opportunities that live events did; and many exhibitors questioned the ROI of virtual exhibit halls and virtual industry programming.

And even though live events will be returning in the coming months, almost every conference now needs to be a hybrid event. This means organizers will be tasked with creating two events, tailoring education experiences to both in-person and remote attendees.

What may work, marketing-wise, for in-person attendees may fall short for your remote audience. And the virtual component should be more than just “hitting stream.” How can you create exclusive content, Q&A opportunities and tours of the exhibit hall for your virtual audience?

We know how to execute these ideas, connect exhibitors with your attendees, remote or in-person, and turn them into a new revenue stream.

Would you like to discuss our print and digital publishing services? Please contact us today, info@showdailies.com, to learn more!

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