Print and digital show dailies deliver your meeting’s content to a wide audience – and can generate revenue through ad sales and sponsorships. It’s what we’ve been doing for more than 25 years!

CustomNEWS is a family-owned business. Together, our team has more than 65 years of experience delivering customized print and digital publications to associations and conferences of all sizes. We work in many different industries – medical, industrial, education, manufacturing and more!

Our services can be FREE with our royalty proposal: There’s no cost to your organization to work with CustomNEWS to produce your publication. We take on advertising sales and return a royalty based on generated net revenue.

  • Already have a sales team? We’ll send you a fee-for-service proposal.
  • Looking for new sponsorship ideas? Ask us!
  • Maximize conference ROI: we will create content for use throughout the year
  • Want to highlight news via email? We’ll create and send daily email newsletters before, during and after your conference.
  • Need something different? CustomNEWS doesn’t operate under a cookie-cutter model – we know every show is unique!

Let’s start discussing your next conference –contact CustomNEWS today at 240/401-6779 or info@showdailies.com.


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