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CustomNEWS Offers Convention Communications Solutions

  • Looking to revamp your print publications? We can produce conference programs, exhibit guides and maps. We can also look at the best, cost-effective combination of products for your meeting.
  • Considering eliminating your onsite print program? Check out our case studies for more information on our client’s positive experiences with the mobile app/show daily combination.
  • Are you showcasing content from your conference throughout the year? Capture this content. Sharing news, photos and videos maximizes your conference’s ROI.
  • Already have a mobile app? Check out our guest post Better Together: Do Print and Digital Create Stronger Conference Communications?, about how a show daily and mobile app work together.
  • What about ad sales? Generate non-dues revenue with a FREE CustomNEWS-published show daily at your next conference.

CustomNEWS Case Studies

Earlier this year, Jenn Waters spoke about alternatives to the onsite printed program during ASAE’s Membership, Marketing and Communications Conference. During her presentation, Jenn shared two case studies that looked at our clients’ experiences when they eliminated their onsite program book but continued to publish a show daily. You may be surprised at the results, especially if you were leaning towards eliminating print all-together.

  • Click here to view the case study portion of Jenn’s presentation.
  • Click here to view the full PDF of Jenn’s presentation.

For more information, visit CustomNEWS, booth #1228, or contact our team, or 301/951-1881.