Blog Round-up: Case Studies

Over the past eight months, CustomNEWS has added more than 25 posts to our COVID-19 resources page. Topics have included digital publishing, the role of print, resources for exhibitors and much more. Our next few posts will highlight some of this content, as we prepare to add new content in December. Going Virtual? Don’t Overlook … Continue reading Blog Round-up: Case Studies

Going Virtual? Don’t Overlook Print!

Reach attendees & members at their homes in office with print preview and/or highlights issues. While there has been a movement to "print less" at onsite events over the past few years, attendees still seek out printed materials. Having access to daily schedules, vendor lists and exhibit hall floor plans in print format can be … Continue reading Going Virtual? Don’t Overlook Print!

Case Study: IDWeek 2020

Digital daily newspapers enhance a virtual meeting, showcase content and generate revenue. Last month, CustomNEWS published a digital daily newspaper for IDWeek. We produced four issues of a digital daily publication, which was distributed in a daily email newsletter sent to more than 50,000 recipients. Our email newsletters had a 25% open rate and 4% … Continue reading Case Study: IDWeek 2020

Case Study: Digital Newspaper for NHF Virtual Conference

For nearly a decade, CustomNEWS has partnered with the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) to produce NHF Daily News, the official daily newspaper of the NHF Annual Conference. The publication, available in both print and digital formats, has been very popular with both conference attendees and exhibitors. With NHF’s pivot to a virtual conference, a discussion … Continue reading Case Study: Digital Newspaper for NHF Virtual Conference

Share Stories, Photos and Videos via a Show Daily

Show dailies are often considered to be something read and discarded once an attendee's finished reading it. But CustomNEWS show dailies have become so much more. At last month's PLA 2018 conference in Philadelphia, PLA Daily News had a few different components: Printed newspaper actively distributed to attendees daily as they entered the convention center. … Continue reading Share Stories, Photos and Videos via a Show Daily

Case Study: Digital Preview Issue

Seeking a new way to share conference details with members, confirmed registrants and prospective attendees? Check out the digital preview issue that CustomNEWS published last month for the American Association of Anatomists: Email Preview Issue Distributed via email and AAA's social media channels, the publication includes links to registration pages, reminders about upcoming conference events … Continue reading Case Study: Digital Preview Issue

Show Daily Flies Off Shelf as Attendees Seek Printed Schedule

Mobile apps put so much information at an attendee's fingertips - session descriptions, speaker listings and much more. But what happens when they know where they need to be, but cannot remember the room number? Attendees want something in print format that they can quickly refer to - as opposed to having to pull out … Continue reading Show Daily Flies Off Shelf as Attendees Seek Printed Schedule

Case Study: CustomNEWS Delivers in Madrid

The CustomNEWS team just returned from Madrid, where we published our sixth show daily in Spain. Check out the publication here: Preview Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Does your organization hold an overseas event in addition to U.S.-based conferences? CustomNEWS has worked in various European cities and Australia - contact us,, for more information.