Recommended Reading: 14 Ways Exhibitors Can Get the Most Out of Your Show

Exhibitors play a key role at conferences. They provide necessary financial support, but also draw in attendees. Your audience wants to be the first to hear about new products and have an opportunity to discuss challenges they are facing with someone who could help. Is your organization doing enough to help exhibitors maximize their decision to exhibit at your conference. Granted, you can’t do everything for them, and some will complain regardless – but here is a great article from MeetingsNet, written by Reno Macri, that all show organizers and exhibitors should read, 14 Ways Exhibitors Can Get the Most Out of Your Show.  Continue reading


Recommended Reading: How to Help Your Attendees Convince Their Bosses to Let Them Attend

Factors driving attendance at your conference can sometimes include those outside your control – that’s why so many conferences include attendee justification letters on their event’s homepage and in marketing materials. Check out this timely article from MeetingsNet, How to Help Your Attendees Convince Their Bosses to Let Them Attend

But how do you get on a potential attendee’s radar? Before they seek justification to attend, they need to know what your conference offers. Will the time away from home and work be worth it? Continue reading

Recommended Reading: Growing Attendance

An event’s success can be defined in different ways, but strong attendance numbers are a must. While it may not be realistic to expect strong growth every year, you don’t want to see a drop off. That could mean they are turning to other organizations for education, and not yours! This post from MemberClicks, From #ASAE17: 4 Barriers to People Attending a Conference, caught my eye last week because it focuses on the experience that your event will offer. Continue reading

Recommended Reading: Promoting Content

Show those not attending what they are missing.

Do you create great content, then wonder, why isn’t anyone reading it? It could be because they don’t know it’s out there. Here’s a great post from the Content Marketing Institute, 7 Promotion Tactics to Get Your Content Noticed.

Almost all of these suggestions can be applied to your conference content, whether it’s being generated by your show daily’s reporters, committee members, bloggers, etc. Don’t stop promoting content just because the conference ended. Continue reading

Recommended Reading: Facebook Live

Has your organization wanted to introduce a video component at your conference, but wasn’t sure where to start? Check out this BizBash article on how the Global Pet Expo used Facebook Live to grow its audience and create a way to showcase Expo news and events, Why This Trade Show Is Adding Facebook Live to Its Social Media Strategy.

One key take-away from this article was the organization’s goal to be selective and limit the number of streams each day. It’s very easy to go from “interesting” to “intrusive” when it comes to social media – there is such a thing as too much! Continue reading

Recommended Reading: Event Photography

Attendees love to see themselves in photos!

Looking for ways to reduce expenses as budgets become smaller? Is event photography something that could be slashed? i3events recently campaigned against that decision, Your Association in the Best Possible Light.

Before you think that iphones and volunteers can suffice, think about other photography-related expenses you have throughout the year, such as stock photos for marketing materials, etc. Eliminate the need for stock photography by having a professional photographer capture your conference through their lens. Concerned you won’t get the images you’ll need? Here’s a few more tips from CustomNEWS. Continue reading

Recommended Reading: Attendee Problems

Help first-timers get the most out of their conference experience by including some tips in your show daily.

Making the experience painless – and beneficial – for attendees can be a challenging job. Here’s a great article from @SmoothThePath with some common problems attendees and exhibitors may face, and some suggestions on how to overcome them, The Problems Attendees Experience at Conferences. Continue reading