Social Media’s Impact on the Attendee Experience

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This Wall Street Journal article on social media’s impact on face-to-face attendance at conferences has gotten a lot of buzz since it was published last week. The author provides some great tips on using social media to enhance attendance by networking, building connections and expanding your reach. I particularly like the suggestion of booking tables at different restaurants each night to play host to theme dinners.

It’s no secret that social media has had a (mostly positive) impact on the meetings industry. Of course, when an attendee tweets about shuttle bus problems or over-packed sessions, a meetings organizer may question its benefit. But overall, the good usually outweighs the bad – afterall, it’s free marketing for your association. Continue reading

Social Media and Show Dailies: Working Together

Social media can be time-consuming, but also offer free publicity, engagement and excitement – ever walk the halls and hear an attendee report that the conference hashtag is trending? They are excited – and it raises overall perception of your conference.

Here are some recent blog posts that look at the connections between social media and your conference’s show daily:

Show Dailies Showcase Content

  • Show content has a shelf-life far longer than the conference at which it was shared. Previews and recaps of education sessions, attendee and speaker interviews, association updates and exhibitor news can be used in association publications, email newsletters, blogs and posts on social media channels.

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Springtime Recap: Using Social Media In and Around Your Meetings

Mapping out a conference’s social media strategy starts long before registration opens and continues long after the final presentations have been delivered. [Scroll down to take our poll!]

Sabrina Kidwai and Lauren Precker, both with ASAE, opened their “Tips on How to Use Social Media In and Around Your Meetings” session at Springtime on April 9, 2015, by looking at where social media efforts should be focused.

They encouraged attendees to get to know their audiences and find out when and where they are engaging. It’s also important to identify the goals of your social media strategy, which could be: Continue reading