Playing Games? Don’t Forget the Show Daily

Exhibitor bingo and exhibit hall scavenger hunts are becoming the norm at conferences – especially as mobile app developers find ways to integrate these games into the conference app. But don’t forget about using the show daily to remind attendees about the games they can play, and win! What is the game? Include an introductory … Continue reading Playing Games? Don’t Forget the Show Daily

Looking Back: Top 10 Posts of 2015!

What a great year we had! We launched our blog in January, with great results. As we plan out our posts for 2016, we wanted to look back at our top 10 posts of 2015: Are You Printing a Program Book Because You Think You Have To? With rising printing costs, a transition to mobile apps … Continue reading Looking Back: Top 10 Posts of 2015!

What’s Your Rainbow Bagel?

Having a show daily at your next meeting or event may not save lives, but it could save a tradition that you didn’t realize was important to your attendees. CustomNEWS recently published a newspaper in conjunction with a fundraising walk that was celebrating its 10th anniversary. Before the event, our reporter was interviewing past participants … Continue reading What’s Your Rainbow Bagel?

Show Dailies Showcase Content

A few months ago, Jenn Waters, assistant publisher & digital media manager, CustomNEWS, Inc., had the opportunity to present at the ASAE 2015 Annual Meeting in Detroit. During "Stretch Your Conference Content," Jenn looked at the show daily as a tool for not only curating and showcasing content at your conference, but also as a … Continue reading Show Dailies Showcase Content

Link Share Friday, Guest Blogger Edition – November 13, 2015

CustomNEWS welcomes guest blog posts on any topic related to conference communications: printing, digital technologies, social media, mobile apps, content marketing, etc. Here's a look back at the guest blog posts we've shared this year: Photos Are Worth More than 1,000 Words: Rachelle Morvant, and Tapped Out at Annual? Unleash the Power of Members … Continue reading Link Share Friday, Guest Blogger Edition – November 13, 2015

Get Creative with On-Demand Printing

By Diane Ritter So you’ve planned the perfect conference, booked the location and identified potential attendees, now what? Be sure to develop a consistent brand for all components of the conference. The logo should be on all materials. Typical conference materials include invitations, brochures, programs, name badges, presentations, banners, and promotional items. Besides these typical … Continue reading Get Creative with On-Demand Printing

Dispelling Misconceptions about Show Dailies

Misconception: a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding. When it comes to show dailies, there are many misconceptions that we face when talking to prospective clients, including: Cost: too expensive; will impact other marketing and advertising opportunities. Time: our staff’s already stretched thin; there’s no ROI … Continue reading Dispelling Misconceptions about Show Dailies