Recommended Reading: Promoting Content

Show those not attending what they are missing.

Do you create great content, then wonder, why isn’t anyone reading it? It could be because they don’t know it’s out there. Here’s a great post from the Content Marketing Institute, 7 Promotion Tactics to Get Your Content Noticed.

Almost all of these suggestions can be applied to your conference content, whether it’s being generated by your show daily’s reporters, committee members, bloggers, etc. Don’t stop promoting content just because the conference ended. Continue reading


Have You Read these Posts?

We’re excited to announce that our blog has had more than 2,200 visitors and 3,900 views since its launch two years ago. Here’s a look at the top 5 blog posts so far in 2017:

Share conference highlights via an email to all members that showcases the post-conference highlights issue of your show daily.

Showcase Photos and Videos in Your Show Daily: A show daily can be much more than a one-off print vehicle. Producing a post-conference digital issue creates a tool for sharing conference news, photos and videos to a wide audience – while only needing to direct them to one site. Read more…
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Recommended Reading: Attendee Problems

Help first-timers get the most out of their conference experience by including some tips in your show daily.

Making the experience painless – and beneficial – for attendees can be a challenging job. Here’s a great article from @SmoothThePath with some common problems attendees and exhibitors may face, and some suggestions on how to overcome them, The Problems Attendees Experience at Conferences. Continue reading

Recommend Reading: Event Metrics

Higher attendance? More exhibitors? Growth in sponsorship revenue? There are so many ways to measure an event’s success – here’s a great article from SmartMeetings, 6 Ways to Measure an Event’s Success? Here’s a quick look at how a show daily can play a role/impact some of these measurements. Continue reading

Recommended Reading: CME Content

Getting a prospective attendee’s attention is not easy, and what works for one person may not for another. Here’s an article from Charge Ahead Marketing (via Meetings Net) that looks at how content marketing initiatives could be what CME providers are overlooking, CME Watch: Not Content with Your Marketing? Try Content. Continue reading

Recommended Reading: #ContentMarketing

(Every Friday, our blog will feature an article we find to be timely, related to show dailies or just an informative read. We’ll then share some links to some of our posts on related topics. Happy reading!)

Taking content and repurposing it into different forms will fuel a year-long content marketing initiative. Where can this content be found? Conferences! Here’s a great article from Bizzabo that was posted on TSNN last fall, The Event Organizer’s Guide To Content Marketing.

Some of David’s tips echo sentiments we’ve shared on our blog: Continue reading

Recommended Reading: Digital Publications

Expand your show daily's reach with a daily email newsletter to promote the content.
Expand your show daily’s reach with a daily email newsletter to promote the content.

Over the past 10 years, digital publishing software has strengthened the role of the print publication. Digital versions now expand audiences, offer a lower-cost subscription option and can be easily shared on social media. Here’s a great post from Nxtbook, Should I have a website or a digital publication?, on the topic.

CustomNEWS creates digital versions of every show daily we produce – we do not think reading a few session recaps will cannibalize face-to-face attendance. Blogs, social media channels and email newsletters are just a few of the channels that digital versions can be shared on. But, first you need content – and your conference’s print show daily is the ideal source for content to use throughout the year. Continue reading

Content is King – Show it Off in your Show Daily!

Showcase conference content to a wide audience by publishing a show daily!
Showcase conference content to a wide audience by publishing a show daily!

“Content is king” is a common phrase heard when discussing meeting design and education offerings. Positioning your organization as an influencer in your industry starts with delivering content that your members, attendees and followers cannot find elsewhere.

With the growth of hybrid meetings and on-demand programming, not to mention more cost-effective event technologies offerings, a conference’s lifespan is growing. What’s driving this growth? The content shared at your conference – by speakers, exhibitors, keynoters, subject matter experts, association leaders, etc. Continue reading