Looking Back: Top Posts of 2017!

What a great year we had! After launching our blog two years ago, it continues to grow in scope and has become a great resource on conference communications for the meetings industry. As we plan out our posts for 2018, we wanted to look back at our most-read posts and pages in 2017: CustomNEWS Case … Continue reading Looking Back: Top Posts of 2017!

Recommended Reading: 3 Content Lessons from ASAE’s #MMCCon, via @MelEdits

Earlier this year, Jenn Waters, Assistant Publisher, CustomNEWS, presented during ASAE's Marketing, Membership and Communications Conference on the role that print still has at conferences. (View her case studies here). Shortly after the conference, Melanie Powers shared her top take-aways, 3 Content Lessons from ASAE’s Marketing, Membership and Communications Conference.   Her first take-away related … Continue reading Recommended Reading: 3 Content Lessons from ASAE’s #MMCCon, via @MelEdits

Recommended Reading: Promoting Content

Do you create great content, then wonder, why isn't anyone reading it? It could be because they don't know it's out there. Here's a great post from the Content Marketing Institute, 7 Promotion Tactics to Get Your Content Noticed. Almost all of these suggestions can be applied to your conference content, whether it's being generated … Continue reading Recommended Reading: Promoting Content

Recommended Reading: Attendee Problems

Making the experience painless - and beneficial - for attendees can be a challenging job. Here's a great article from @SmoothThePath with some common problems attendees and exhibitors may face, and some suggestions on how to overcome them, The Problems Attendees Experience at Conferences. A few ways a show daily can help: Tips for First-time … Continue reading Recommended Reading: Attendee Problems

Recommend Reading: Event Metrics

Higher attendance? More exhibitors? Growth in sponsorship revenue? There are so many ways to measure an event's success - here's a great article from SmartMeetings, 6 Ways to Measure an Event's Success? Here's a quick look at how a show daily can play a role/impact some of these measurements. Social Media: Not everyone's on social … Continue reading Recommend Reading: Event Metrics

Recommended Reading: Growing Attendance

Stagnant is never good, especially when you're talking about numbers. Increasing conference attendance takes work, especially as travel budgets are cut and you are competing with your competitors for the same attendees. Standing out from the crowd starts with content - you must offer them something they aren't going to find at another organization's event. … Continue reading Recommended Reading: Growing Attendance

Recommended Reading: CME Content

Getting a prospective attendee's attention is not easy, and what works for one person may not for another. Here's an article from Charge Ahead Marketing (via Meetings Net) that looks at how content marketing initiatives could be what CME providers are overlooking, CME Watch: Not Content with Your Marketing? Try Content. Key take-aways, infographics and … Continue reading Recommended Reading: CME Content

Recommended Reading: #ContentMarketing

(Every Friday, our blog will feature an article we find to be timely, related to show dailies or just an informative read. We'll then share some links to some of our posts on related topics. Happy reading!) Taking content and repurposing it into different forms will fuel a year-long content marketing initiative. Where can this … Continue reading Recommended Reading: #ContentMarketing