Top Posts: June 2021

Did you read these posts? They were our five most-read posts in June: Planning for the Hybrid Experience How do you Communicate with Attendees during a Virtual Event? Virtual Conferences: Can Print Add Value? Webinar Recap: Engaging Virtual Attendees Virtual Conferences: What about your Store? Would you like to discuss our print and digital publishing … Continue reading Top Posts: June 2021

Hybrid Events & Digital Publishing Tools: Trends We Hope are Here to Stay

There's no question, the pandemic has forever changed the meetings industry. As live events resume, there will be a lot of familiar elements, but many new ones as well. A recent Associations Now article from caught our attention, as it pointed out a few meeting trends that developed during the pandemic, but should be here … Continue reading Hybrid Events & Digital Publishing Tools: Trends We Hope are Here to Stay

Case Study: APIC Virtual Conference

APIC Daily News has been the official daily newspaper of the APIC Annual Conference, dating back to 2006. And even though this year's conference was held virtually, the publication again shared conference news with a wide audience. Advertising was sold in both the digital publication and the email newsletters that were sent to conference attendees … Continue reading Case Study: APIC Virtual Conference

2021: The Year of Hybrid Events?

If 2020 was the year of the virtual event, what's the outlook for 2021? I do not think anyone expects "the same ole" meeting environment. Virtual platforms became the "go-to solution" when COVID-19 brought the industry to a standstill. And now, as vaccine rollouts become more encouraging, does this mean "same ole, same ole" live … Continue reading 2021: The Year of Hybrid Events?

COVID-19: Top Ten Posts

Seven months ago, we didn't quite know what the impact of COVID-19 would be on the meetings industry. Though we're still not quite sure what 2021 will bring, it's been a year to learn (a lot), try new things and think outside the box. CustomNEWS created our COVID-19 resources page to share ideas, content and … Continue reading COVID-19: Top Ten Posts

Blog Round-up: Case Studies

Over the past eight months, CustomNEWS has added more than 25 posts to our COVID-19 resources page. Topics have included digital publishing, the role of print, resources for exhibitors and much more. Our next few posts will highlight some of this content, as we prepare to add new content in December. Going Virtual? Don’t Overlook … Continue reading Blog Round-up: Case Studies

Case Study: IDWeek 2020

Digital daily newspapers enhance a virtual meeting, showcase content and generate revenue. Last month, CustomNEWS published a digital daily newspaper for IDWeek. We produced four issues of a digital daily publication, which was distributed in a daily email newsletter sent to more than 50,000 recipients. Our email newsletters had a 25% open rate and 4% … Continue reading Case Study: IDWeek 2020

Planning for the Hybrid Experience

How will you welcome virtual attendees at your next live event? Live events will return, that we're sure of. When? Who knows. Will they look the same, pre-COVID? Probably not. Welcoming back live events will not be easy. After losing millions due to cancelled events, venues need to look at what is needed to welcome … Continue reading Planning for the Hybrid Experience