Recommended Reading: Promoting Content

Show those not attending what they are missing.

Do you create great content, then wonder, why isn’t anyone reading it? It could be because they don’t know it’s out there. Here’s a great post from the Content Marketing Institute, 7 Promotion Tactics to Get Your Content Noticed.

Almost all of these suggestions can be applied to your conference content, whether it’s being generated by your show daily’s reporters, committee members, bloggers, etc. Don’t stop promoting content just because the conference ended.

  • Take the digital versions of your show daily and link directly to an article on a hot topic, or current event.
  • Did your conference have tracks? Plan to have a few sessions from each track covered, then condense those articles down into wrap-ups that can be posted online, in newsletters and shared via email newsletters.
  • Depending on your email marketing plan, perhaps look at sharing a daily email during the conference that highlights conference content. You’ll probably cause at least a few non-attendees to second guess their decision not to attend.
  • Were topics covered in your show daily going to be addressed during future webinars, covered in upcoming publications, etc.? Tease those events by repurposing the show daily articles.

Let’s talk about how publishing a show daily will give you non only a new non-dues revenue stream, but also a resource for content that can be shared throughout the year. Contact Jenn Waters,, today!

Recommended Reading: Building Your Email Database

(Every Friday, our blog will feature an article we find to be timely, related to show dailies or just an informative read. We’ll then share some links to some of our posts on related topics. Happy reading!)

Reaching a wider audience is always “top of mind” for marketers, especially small businesses that rely on email newsletters to connect with potential customers. Continue reading

Email Slideshow: Another Way to Promote Conference News!

We produce show dailies for a lot of very different organizations, and we’re always looking for ways to expand the reach of our publications while also offering more value to both our advertisers (exhibitors) and the association. CustomNEWS will send out a daily email that features show daily links, includes conference photos and highlights news and schedules. Email newsletters also generate additional advertising revenue and will increase the non-dues revenue the association receives through our royalty proposals. Continue reading

Link Share Friday – Show Daily and Email Newsletter Links

Our Link Share Friday posts are back – today we’re sharing links to some of our recent projects to highlight the many unique offerings of a show daily. Each of these issues was also promoted in a daily highlights email sent to conference attendees.

PLA Daily News:

PLA DAILY NEWS ISSUE 3 LR-1Click here to read the Friday issue, which includes:

  • Recaps from Author Lunches and Education Sessions
  • Daily Schedule Highlights
  • Association News
  • Top Tweets

And click here for the daily email sent to attendees promoting show daily content. Emails had an approximate open rate of 31%.

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Digital Marketing: It Starts with Print

Distribute digital versions of your print show daily to expand publication readership.
Distribute digital versions of your print show daily to expand publication readership.

Social media, email and the Internet deliver news to a wide audience very quickly. All it takes is a few keystrokes for photos to populate to a Facebook page or a story to appear on a blog.

But where does the content for these mediums start? With print.

Looking specifically at annual meetings and tradeshows, it is the print products that bring in the revenue to cover the costs of the writers and photographers needed to generate content that, while initially written for the show daily, will be shared across a variety of platforms throughout the course of a conference. Continue reading

Streamlining Onsite Content Curation

Every communications outlet ties into another. Here, the video clips are reminding attendees to read the show daily for more information.
Every communications outlet ties into another. Here, the video clips are reminding attendees to read the show daily for more information.

Video production, social media and digital technologies are now musts for any conference communications. But, incorporating these offerings may be harder than it sounds if your staff is overstretched or isn’t sure what questions to be asking when screening new vendors.

Earlier this year, we wrote a blog post about the pros and cons of outsourcing your show daily. But a recent project led me to think about our knowledge about and connection to videographers, photographers, social media managers and reporters. Each of these entities should support the other: Continue reading