Recommended Reading: 14 Ways Exhibitors Can Get the Most Out of Your Show

Exhibitors play a key role at conferences. They provide necessary financial support, but also draw in attendees. Your audience wants to be the first to hear about new products and have an opportunity to discuss challenges they are facing with someone who could help. Is your organization doing enough to help exhibitors maximize their decision to exhibit at your conference. Granted, you can’t do everything for them, and some will complain regardless – but here is a great article from MeetingsNet, written by Reno Macri, that all show organizers and exhibitors should read, 14 Ways Exhibitors Can Get the Most Out of Your Show.  Continue reading


Stand-alone Exhibitor Guides Add Value

An exhibitor guide is a very relevant tool for attendees and exhibitors!
An exhibitor guide is a very relevant tool for attendees and exhibitors!

Exhibitors invest in your organization when they exhibit at your conference. Could a stand-alone exhibitor guide add more value then including this information in the back of the program book? Here’s a few reasons we think it would: Continue reading

Everyone Benefits from a Show Daily

Publishing a show daily provides attendees with the up-to-date information they need to make the most of your conference!
Publishing a show daily provides attendees with the up-to-date information they need to make the most of your conference!

Did you know that attendees, exhibitors and the association will all benefit from having a conference show daily? Each may take away something different from the publication, but it will definitely raise the status of your event. Check out our blog posts for more on how each group would benefit: Continue reading

Fighting Back Against “Unofficial” Show Dailies

Show daily distributors wearing t-shirts promoting their publication as official will attract the attention of attendees.
Show daily distributors wearing t-shirts promoting their publication as official will attract the attention of attendees.

The topic of “rogue show dailies” appeared on an industry message board last month – immediately causing this blog’s author to grimace. Whether you refer to them as unofficial, rogue or renegade doesn’t matter – they can negatively impact a conference’s official show daily in many ways.

  • Attendees may be confused as to what publication is actually connected to the conference. With more than one option, they are apt to pick up the first one they receive and pass on other options – which could mean they aren’t reading the official show daily.
  • It may not be clear to exhibitors as to which publication is official when they are receiving calls about advertising from multiple companies in the months leading up to a conference. A few years ago, we had an exhibitor storm into our meeting room asking where his ad was. Turns out he was duped into advertising in an unofficial publication – and was not pleased.
  • Conference organizers do not need another headache-causing problem, especially at 8 a.m.

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Looking Back: Top 10 Posts of 2015!

Our CustomNEWS Word Cloud!What a great year we had! We launched our blog in January, with great results. As we plan out our posts for 2016, we wanted to look back at our top 10 posts of 2015:

Are You Printing a Program Book Because You Think You Have To? With rising printing costs, a transition to mobile apps and frequent schedule changes, is a program book still the best “go-to” your conference can offer? CustomNEWS has a suggestion for you. Combine your program book and show daily to create an updated onsite resource that not only has the latest schedule information that attendees need, but also showcases conference news (session previews and recaps, attendee interviews, photos and association news).

 Email Newsletters – CustomNEWS Can Do That!  Distributing a daily email newsletter during your conference will share show daily links, news and photos to a wide audience. It’s also another way to remind attendees about upcoming events, as well as any changes to the day’s schedule. CustomNEWS can do everything: we’ll send the daily emails using a separate database that will not impact your lists. We’ll design a look that fits with other marketing collateral, oversee the content, schedule messages and provide post-conference metrics. Continue reading

Link Share Friday – November 6, 2015

ash tweetToday we’re sharing articles about exhibitor marketing, social media and event technology. And scroll down for links to learn more about how publishing a show daily ties into your conference’s social media strategy.

How to Better Market Your Events and Make Your Tradeshows Actually Worth It via @NStarEx

As an exhibitor, how are you standing out on a crowded show floor? Social media is the latest trend, but hashtags can get very busy. Don’t overlook the value of print advertising in the conference show daily. Ask about value-addeds: do advertisers get to submit press releases for guaranteed publication? Is there a way to showcase new products? This article looks at pre- and post-event marketing ideas, but the one I liked best, the “beer and oysters” suggestion.

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Dealing with Program Updates and Cancellations? Use Your Show Daily!

No matter how many times you cross your Ts and dot your Is, the unexpected will happen. As the meeting planner or communication manager, you are expected to have solutions ready to go. Here are a few examples:

Program changes and speaker updates: Cancellations happen, sometimes at the very last minute. You’ll cringe when you look at the full page in the program book promoting a speaker who’s no longer able to come to your conference, or that a date/time has to be changed. Signage and alerts in the mobile app/on social media can help get the word out, but a show daily gets the information out to attendees in both print and digital form. Continue reading

Show Dailies Help Your Exhibitors Stand Out in a Crowd!

A recent blog post about the value of exhibiting led me to think about ways an association can leverage the publication of a show daily to offer exhibitors new ways to stand out on the trade show floor and drive booth traffic, beyond just simply asking them to buy an ad. Here’s a look at a few ways our clients highlight their exhibitors and sponsors:

New Product Showcase: We’ve sold this as a paid listing, 100 words and photo; but it could be scaled down (maybe 50 words & photo) and offered as a value-added opportunity to all exhibitors. They should, however, be required to showcase that product in their booth.

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Dispelling Misconceptions about Show Dailies

Misconception: a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding.

When it comes to show dailies, there are many misconceptions that we face when talking to prospective clients, including:

  • Cost: too expensive; will impact other marketing and advertising opportunities.
  • Time: our staff’s already stretched thin; there’s no ROI on the time we invest.
  • Work: no idea how to find a printer; we have to get up at WHAT time to meet the driver?
  • Why?: who will read it? what else do we get?

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