Recommended Reading: Facebook Live

Has your organization wanted to introduce a video component at your conference, but wasn’t sure where to start? Check out this BizBash article on how the Global Pet Expo used Facebook Live to grow its audience and create a way to showcase Expo news and events, Why This Trade Show Is Adding Facebook Live to Its Social Media Strategy.

One key take-away from this article was the organization’s goal to be selective and limit the number of streams each day. It’s very easy to go from “interesting” to “intrusive” when it comes to social media – there is such a thing as too much! Continue reading

Social Media and Show Dailies: Working Together

Social media can be time-consuming, but also offer free publicity, engagement and excitement – ever walk the halls and hear an attendee report that the conference hashtag is trending? They are excited – and it raises overall perception of your conference.

Here are some recent blog posts that look at the connections between social media and your conference’s show daily:

Show Dailies Showcase Content

  • Show content has a shelf-life far longer than the conference at which it was shared. Previews and recaps of education sessions, attendee and speaker interviews, association updates and exhibitor news can be used in association publications, email newsletters, blogs and posts on social media channels.

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#FOMO: Your Show Daily Can Help!

FOMO – fear of missing out – is a phrase often used in commercials. But it also has a lot of relevance in the meetings industry.

Are you creating enough buzz from your conference that will have those not attending rethinking their decision?

Show dailies create headlines that will get noticed.
Show dailies create headlines that will get noticed.

Non-attendees can read about session topics and keynote speakers in promotional materials, maybe browse the exhibitor list as well. But without a way to capture a conference’s happenings, how are they going to know they missed out? Continue reading

Link Share Friday – January 15, 2016

Microsoft PowerPoint - ASAE POWERPOINT - JENNS SLIDESToday we’re sharing articles about social media. And scroll down for to view the slides from “Stretch Your Conference Content,” presented at the ASAE 2015 Annual Meeting.

12 Ways to Use Social Media Before and During an Event via @AssocMarketer

  • Social media is free marketing – and needs to be a part of your conference’s marketing/communications strategy. You don’t have to be on every social media channel out there. If your attendees/audience are not on Snapchat, then you don’t have to be. Twitter and Instagram have the most “live interaction,” and depending on your industry, Pinterest may be a must as well. Facebook and LinkedIn are also important, but for real-time updating, it will be Twitter and Instagram. CustomNEWS will provide show daily links to share via social media; reporters can post quotes from speakers in real-time; and we’ll give you photos each night for a daily photo album that can be shared via Facebook and Flickr.

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Putting the Fun Back in Social Media

Having members video blog during your conference will lead to increased interaction – and fun posts!

A recent Collison Media & Events webinar focused on social media – and how to make it fun again. We took away some helpful tips from the engaging discussion between Stephanie Davis Smith, Kelsey Ogletree and Natalie Dupuis about how to get the most from our social media platforms.

Social Media: Overall Value and Approach

  • Social media gives you a place to engage, connect and vent.
  • You need to have a social media presence so your audience knows you exist.
  • It’s important to nurse relationships with followers.
  • Social media needs content.
  • Do research: see what your competition is up to.
  • Find a way to make your pages addictive, so they will keep coming back to you.
  • It’s important to put out different types of content to find out what your audience wants and what will make them keep coming back.

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Enhance Your Social Media Strategy with Real-Time Posts

Facebook photo albums are a great way to share images and encourage attendees to add comments and tags.
Facebook photo albums are a great way to share images and encourage attendees to add comments and tags.Yr show daily into tweets, photo albums and blog posts

Look at ways to incorporate show daily daily content into your conference’s onsite social media strategy

Scheduling platforms – i.e. Hootsuite, Sprout Social and TweetDeck – are a great tool for prescheduling tweets during your conference to promote the day’s events, thank sponsors and send out reminders. Doing so, however, only scratches the surface. Investing time, money and resources into real-time posting will increase interaction on your social media channels, share content with a wide audience and keep your hashtag trending all day long.

Here are six ways that onsite content curation can be worked into your social media efforts.

1. Quotes: Create a process that allows your onsite editorial team to turn quotes into tweets and send to the appointed person for posting as they happen. And don’t forget to look for quotes that your attendees are tweeting and retweet them throughout the day – you can also publish them in the next issue of your show daily! Continue reading

Attendees + Social Media = Free Marketing

  • Tweets with quotes from speakers
  • Photos on Facebook or Instagram
  • A blog post shared on LinkedIn
Publish the day's "Top Tweets" in your show daily!
Publish the day’s “Top Tweets” in your show daily!

Regardless of the social media platform that an attendee uses during your conference, they’re telling anyone who will listen about their experience at your conference. Yes, posts can be both good and bad, but, assuming the positive greatly outweigh the negative – they are marketing your event to their followers, for free! Continue reading