Case Study: DMAI 2021

CustomNEWS recently produced a post-conference highlights issue for the DMAI Annual Convention, which was a hybrid event that took place in Baltimore last month. Our publication included session highlights along with video and photo clips of speakers. View our publication here. Are you ready to share highlights from your next conference? Contact Jenn Waters to … Continue reading Case Study: DMAI 2021

Top Posts: July 2021

Did you read these posts? They were our top five most-read posts in July: Yes, Virtual Events Need Printed Materials  Hybrid Events & Digital Publishing Tools: Trends We Hope are Here to StayCase Study: APIC Virtual Conference Virtual Events: Showcasing your Poster Hall Virtual Conferences: What about your Store?   Would you like to discuss … Continue reading Top Posts: July 2021

Virtual or Hybrid? A Few Ideas to Consider…

We're now almost 18 months into the COVID-19 pandemic. Many meeting organizers had hoped that 2021 would be known as the year that live events returned. But there's still a few too many hurdles to overcome...thus we are seeing conference organizers now planning a second virtual conference. After a "hurry up and learn" mentality in … Continue reading Virtual or Hybrid? A Few Ideas to Consider…

Case Study: APIC Virtual Conference

APIC Daily News has been the official daily newspaper of the APIC Annual Conference, dating back to 2006. And even though this year's conference was held virtually, the publication again shared conference news with a wide audience. Advertising was sold in both the digital publication and the email newsletters that were sent to conference attendees … Continue reading Case Study: APIC Virtual Conference

When to Bring in an Expert?

Conference organizers have always had many moving parts to juggle; but that's expanded ten-fold now thanks to the impact of COVID-19 on the meetings industry. An interesting article from Naylor looked at the benefits of adding a third-party planner to your team. The same could be said for working with an experiences conference publisher such … Continue reading When to Bring in an Expert?

No Tote Bag? What about a Polybag?

If you were to look at a conference's sponsorship prospectus in 2019, you'd probably see a lot of "tried and true" offerings that often get scooped up very quickly. But when the COVID-19 pandemic required an immediate shift to virtual events, sponsorship prospectuses ended up in the trash. Lanyards, hotel keys, tote bags and escalator … Continue reading No Tote Bag? What about a Polybag?

2021: The Year of Hybrid Events?

If 2020 was the year of the virtual event, what's the outlook for 2021? I do not think anyone expects "the same ole" meeting environment. Virtual platforms became the "go-to solution" when COVID-19 brought the industry to a standstill. And now, as vaccine rollouts become more encouraging, does this mean "same ole, same ole" live … Continue reading 2021: The Year of Hybrid Events?

Healthcare Professionals Survey Provides Insight on Success of Virtual Meetings

One big unknown in 2021 is the comfort level of attendees when it comes to the return of live events. A recent survey of healthcare professionals conducted by FHTglobal shares feedback from healthcare professionals. It gives us an idea of what's worked so far, and what hasn't. It also looked at what may be holding … Continue reading Healthcare Professionals Survey Provides Insight on Success of Virtual Meetings