Recommended Reading: Growing Attendance

An event's success can be defined in different ways, but strong attendance numbers are a must. While it may not be realistic to expect strong growth every year, you don't want to see a drop off. That could mean they are turning to other organizations for education, and not yours! This post from MemberClicks, From #ASAE17: … Continue reading Recommended Reading: Growing Attendance

Our Summer: A Look Back

Labor Day signifies the end of summer…we move on to football, cooler weather and then before we know it, the holiday season. CustomNEWS had a very productive summer – our travels took us from coast to coast, including Oregon, Illinois and New York. Here’s a look at some of our projects between Memorial Day and … Continue reading Our Summer: A Look Back

Visit Booth #619 at #MMCCon to Talk Non-Dues Revenue, Content Marketing

Will you be making your way through the ASAE Membership, Marketing and Communications conference exhibit hall in search of new sources for non-dues revenue? Or are you looking for new ways to support your content marketing initiatives? Show Daily Advertising & Sponsorships Show dailies offer your exhibitors and sponsors different ways to reach their target … Continue reading Visit Booth #619 at #MMCCon to Talk Non-Dues Revenue, Content Marketing

Headed To #MMCCon? So Are We!

CustomNEWS is looking forward to exhibiting at its first ASAE Membership, Marketing and Communications conference. It's not only offering us a chance to meet marketing and communications managers we haven't crossed paths with yet, but also because of the topics that will be covered over the two-day program. We're planning to attend the sessions on … Continue reading Headed To #MMCCon? So Are We!

Recommended Reading: Facebook Live

Has your organization wanted to introduce a video component at your conference, but wasn't sure where to start? Check out this BizBash article on how the Global Pet Expo used Facebook Live to grow its audience and create a way to showcase Expo news and events, Why This Trade Show Is Adding Facebook Live to … Continue reading Recommended Reading: Facebook Live

Looking for Cost-Effective Pre-Show Marketing Tools? Publish a Show Daily Preview Issue

Show dailies are a unique publication - in essence, you are publishing a customized newspaper for your target audience. Content is chosen by your organization, and delivery methods can include print, direct mail, email and social media. Data released in CEIR’s new report, Cost to Attract Attendees, shows that associations now spend 20% less on … Continue reading Looking for Cost-Effective Pre-Show Marketing Tools? Publish a Show Daily Preview Issue

Recommended Reading: Event Photography

Looking for ways to reduce expenses as budgets become smaller? Is event photography something that could be slashed? i3events recently campaigned against that decision, Your Association in the Best Possible Light. Before you think that iphones and volunteers can suffice, think about other photography-related expenses you have throughout the year, such as stock photos for … Continue reading Recommended Reading: Event Photography

Recommend Reading: Event Metrics

Higher attendance? More exhibitors? Growth in sponsorship revenue? There are so many ways to measure an event's success - here's a great article from SmartMeetings, 6 Ways to Measure an Event's Success? Here's a quick look at how a show daily can play a role/impact some of these measurements. Social Media: Not everyone's on social … Continue reading Recommend Reading: Event Metrics

Incorporating Print into Green Initiatives

TSNN recently published an article on ways to "green" your tradeshow, to which CustomNEWS contributed a few suggestions. But we caution against eliminating all print materials, which is what seems to be the first comment during a "going green" discussion:  “print is bad, no more print.” But print has been such a main-stay, both in … Continue reading Incorporating Print into Green Initiatives