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Conference apps are now the norm: but are you doing enough to increase app usage?
Conference apps are now the norm: but are you doing enough to increase app usage?

I recently came across this article from Eventsforce, 9 Reasons Why Your Attendees Did NOT Use Your Event App.  It looked at nine different reasons that attendee usage of the conference app may not be as high as the organizers would like. Here’s a few tie-ins between the mobile app and the show daily to consider as you plan your next event.

The topic of attendee awareness about the conference mobile app is something I often bring up with clients.

  • Publish an article on the app in the first issue of their show daily. Include a FAQ section and highlight new features.
  • Is there a mobile app leaderboard? Include daily updates and promote the prizes available – attendees love to win things.

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Case Study: Daily Schedules in the Show Daily

An attendee used the daily schedule page to keep track of the sessions he attended.
An attendee used the daily schedule page to keep track of the sessions he attended.

Readers of earlier blog posts know we have written about how the show daily can fill a need when a conference moves away from producing a program book.

At last month’s CBCF Annual Legislative Conference, attendees found a critical piece of information they were seeking in the show daily – the conference’s daily schedule. At past conferences, attendees would turn to the conference’s souvenir journal for program information, schedules, etc. This year, the souvenir journal was not produced. Instead, that information was in the conference’s expanded online planner and mobile app (CadmiumCD). Continue reading

Better Together: Do Print and Digital Create Stronger Conference Communications?

Last year I wrote a blog post about how your vendor-partners can work together to bring more to your conference. As we continue to expand our network, we’re doing more to connect with other vendors that have services that our products complement, i.e. the conference mobile app. With increases in app usage rates and the rising costs of printing a traditional program, is there another option out there? Other than just not printing anything of course.

Yes – the show daily.  Continue reading

Wait a Second … Print and Digital Support Each Other!

(This post first appeared on the TSNN blog:

A few weeks ago, TSNN’s blog featured a post by Jay Tokosch of Core-Apps. His overall message – print is a waste of time and money, so stop printing and go digital-only, right now.

I say, wait a second, Mr. Tokosch. Before you kick print into the recycling bin, perhaps it might be worthwhile to look at this from a different perspective.

Though I must first congratulate him on reaching one of his objectives – he got my blood boiling, for sure!

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Link Share Friday – December 11, 2015

Turn your Attendee Q & As into posts for blogs and social media.
Turn your Attendee Q & As into posts for blogs and social media.

Today we’re sharing articles about non-dues revenue, mobile apps and member engagement. And scroll down to learn more about the many benefits of publishing a show daily.

Growing Your Organization Through Non-Dues Revenue via @MemberClicks

  • Check out this post for five sources for non-dues revenue. And don’t forget show daily advertising. Don’t have dedicated sales staff to adequately sell show daily advertising? Contact CustomNEWS today about our royalty proposal.

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Link Share Friday – November 27, 2015

Today we’re sharing articles about attendee marketing, Instagram and content marketing. And scroll down to learn more about tie-ins between your show daily and mobile app.

How to Boost your Conference’s Registration Numbers via @vjmeetings

  • Good marketing ideas that tie in to registration growth. Don’t overlook your show daily as a great tool for showcasing the content that attendees can look forward to by both looking back at last year’s event and looking ahead to what’s on this year’s agenda. Does your conference have tracks or niches? Make sure you highlight the education offerings and networking opportunities targeted towards those groups – it may give a prospective attendee the push they need to click “register now.”

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Link Share Friday – November 6, 2015

ash tweetToday we’re sharing articles about exhibitor marketing, social media and event technology. And scroll down for links to learn more about how publishing a show daily ties into your conference’s social media strategy.

How to Better Market Your Events and Make Your Tradeshows Actually Worth It via @NStarEx

As an exhibitor, how are you standing out on a crowded show floor? Social media is the latest trend, but hashtags can get very busy. Don’t overlook the value of print advertising in the conference show daily. Ask about value-addeds: do advertisers get to submit press releases for guaranteed publication? Is there a way to showcase new products? This article looks at pre- and post-event marketing ideas, but the one I liked best, the “beer and oysters” suggestion.

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Your Mobile App is Missing Something

NCVH's mobile site includes the conference's daily newspaper.
NCVH’s mobile site includes the conference’s daily newspaper.

Transitioning to a mobile app creates:

  • Up-to-the-minute schedules
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Less need for a bulky onsite program

But, where is the content? How do you showcase photos, session recaps, association updates and exhibitor news? Before you pull the plug on your print show daily, ask your mobile developers early on about incorporating a news section and daily photo albums into your mobile app.   Continue reading

11 Reasons Your Conference Needs a Show Daily

SUNDAY B SECTION-1Show dailies are more than a printed piece that attendees read at your conference. They capture the news and excitement of your meeting, generate non-dues revenue and support content marketing and social media initiatives. Here’s 11 reasons your conference needs a show daily: Continue reading