Incorporating Print into Green Initiatives

Show dailies can be your go-to onsite communications vehicle.

TSNN recently published an article on ways to “green” your tradeshow, to which CustomNEWS contributed a few suggestions. But we caution against eliminating all print materials, which is what seems to be the first comment during a “going green” discussion:  “print is bad, no more print.” But print has been such a main-stay, both in our daily lives and at conferences, is it really smart to just eliminate all print materials? We recognize that as event technologies become the norm – mobile apps, online planners, etc. – the role of print materials at a conference is changing, but it’s still a necessary component.

Print’s not going away – show dailies are alive and well, CustomNEWS is picking up new clients and seeing ad revenues grow, resulting in bigger issues. Part of that growth is due to organizations taking a strategic look at what print offers their organization (revenue, content marketing channels), attendees and exhibitors. Rather than doing away with print, there could be a more cost-effective path to take. Print show dailies do more than share schedules and exhibitor list – they showcase content, and curate content to repurpose throughout the year.  Continue reading


Going Paperless? Wait, Read This!

Move information, such as your shuttle bus schedule, from the program book into your show daily.
Move information, such as your shuttle bus schedule, from the program book into your show daily.

“Going green” shows that you respect the environment. But, by eliminating print pieces:

  • Will attendees still be informed and able to access the information they need to make the most of your conference?
  • Are you eliminating advertising & sponsorship revenue opportunities?
  • Could you be relying too much on attendees to buy-in to your digital initiatives before they are ready?

If replacing a program book has been on your radar, think about: Continue reading

Link Share Friday, Guest Blogger Edition – November 13, 2015

CustomNEWS welcomes guest blog posts on any topic related to conference communications: printing, digital technologies, social media, mobile apps, content marketing, etc. Here’s a look back at the guest blog posts we’ve shared this year:

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