Social Media and Show Dailies: Working Together

Social media can be time-consuming, but also offer free publicity, engagement and excitement – ever walk the halls and hear an attendee report that the conference hashtag is trending? They are excited – and it raises overall perception of your conference. Here are some recent blog posts that look at the connections between social media … Continue reading Social Media and Show Dailies: Working Together

Link Share Friday – Show Daily and Email Newsletter Links

Our Link Share Friday posts are back - today we’re sharing links to some of our recent projects to highlight the many unique offerings of a show daily. Each of these issues was also promoted in a daily highlights email sent to conference attendees. PLA Daily News: Click here to read the Friday issue, which … Continue reading Link Share Friday – Show Daily and Email Newsletter Links

Digital Marketing: It Starts with Print

Social media, email and the Internet deliver news to a wide audience very quickly. All it takes is a few keystrokes for photos to populate to a Facebook page or a story to appear on a blog. But where does the content for these mediums start? With print. Looking specifically at annual meetings and tradeshows, … Continue reading Digital Marketing: It Starts with Print

This Year’s Popular Posts…

We’re excited to announce that our blog has had more than 1,400 visitors and 3,300 views in the past 16 months. Here’s a look at the top 5 blog posts so far in 2016: Are You Printing a Program Book Because You Think You Have To?: With rising printing costs, a transition to mobile apps and … Continue reading This Year’s Popular Posts…

Elevating Your Meeting’s Greatness

You know when a client says something – innocently over coffee, perhaps – but it hits home in a way you didn’t see coming? During a planning meeting, one of our clients was talking about all the reasons to continue to publish a show daily. It helps them retain and curate the meeting’s content, offers … Continue reading Elevating Your Meeting’s Greatness

Adding a Show Daily? It’s a No-Brainer!

  “There’s no time to do anything new. We don’t have enough time to do what we have to do, let alone do something else. And something new in print? That just doesn’t make sense.” You know of associations that produce show daily newspapers at their events, but you’ve never completely understood why. Your colleagues … Continue reading Adding a Show Daily? It’s a No-Brainer!

Putting the Fun Back in Social Media

A recent Collison Media & Events webinar focused on social media – and how to make it fun again. We took away some helpful tips from the engaging discussion between Stephanie Davis Smith, Kelsey Ogletree and Natalie Dupuis about how to get the most from our social media platforms. Social Media: Overall Value and Approach … Continue reading Putting the Fun Back in Social Media

Show Dailies Showcase Content

A few months ago, Jenn Waters, assistant publisher & digital media manager, CustomNEWS, Inc., had the opportunity to present at the ASAE 2015 Annual Meeting in Detroit. During "Stretch Your Conference Content," Jenn looked at the show daily as a tool for not only curating and showcasing content at your conference, but also as a … Continue reading Show Dailies Showcase Content