Show Daily Flies Off Shelf as Attendees Seek Printed Schedule

Digital signage reminded attendees to pick up the show daily.

Mobile apps put so much information at an attendee’s fingertips – session descriptions, speaker listings and much more. But what happens when they know where they need to be, but cannot remember the room number? Attendees want something in print format that they can quickly refer to – as opposed to having to pull out their mobile device.

After eliminating their onsite program – the Souvenir Journal – last year, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s Annual Legislative Conference made the ALC Daily, the conference’s daily newspaper, the source for daily schedule information. Continue reading


Apps; sure . . . But where are the maps?

Use your show daily’s centerspread to publish a full size exhibit hall floor plan and company director.
Use your show daily’s centerspread to publish a full size exhibit hall floor plan and company director.

(This post was originally published by TSNN on September 20,

My mom and I were making our way through her favorite supermarket recently, when she said to me, “We should have picked up a directory.” Although my mom has been coming to this store for more than 20 years, the store’s ongoing remodel had left her feeling out of sorts. It took a few wrong turns before we finally came across the orange juice.

This experience reinforces what I’ve come across during trade shows – attendees want something to help them be more efficient when navigating an exhibit hall. Overhead signage and oversize directories at the hall entrance are helpful, but attendees still want something to which they can refer as they make their way across the aisles. Continue reading

Case Study: Print and Video Working Together

Sending an email highlighting conference content will show non-attendees what they missed.
Sending an email highlighting conference content will show non-attendees what they missed.

Adding a video component to your conference’s communications strategy is no longer out-of-reach. Rather, it’s now both a necessary component and great marketing tool. But how do you get started? Do you hire a videographer or contract a video production company? You may be surprised by our suggestion – talk to your show daily publisher.

Yes, show dailies start out in print format, but now are also immediately available in digital formats that can be shared via email and social media, and added to website archives. Our digital publications create another medium for sharing video clips, beyond social media. Continue reading

Our Summer: A Look Back

Attendees rely on show dailies for conference news and updates.
Attendees rely on show dailies for conference news and updates.

Labor Day signifies the end of summer…we move on to football, cooler weather and then before we know it, the holiday season. CustomNEWS had a very productive summer – our travels took us from coast to coast, including Oregon, Illinois and New York. Here’s a look at some of our projects between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which totaled: Continue reading

Visit Booth #619 at #MMCCon to Talk Non-Dues Revenue, Content Marketing

Show dailies generate non-dues revenue and showcase content.

Will you be making your way through the ASAE Membership, Marketing and Communications conference exhibit hall in search of new sources for non-dues revenue? Or are you looking for new ways to support your content marketing initiatives?

Show Daily Advertising & Sponsorships

Show dailies offer your exhibitors and sponsors different ways to reach their target audiences – attendees and association members, resulting in a new non-dues revenue stream for your organization. Continue reading

Headed To #MMCCon? So Are We!

Attendees enjoy catching up on conference news via the show daily.
Attendees enjoy catching up on conference news via the show daily.

CustomNEWS is looking forward to exhibiting at its first ASAE Membership, Marketing and Communications conference. It’s not only offering us a chance to meet marketing and communications managers we haven’t crossed paths with yet, but also because of the topics that will be covered over the two-day program. We’re planning to attend the sessions on Snapchat and content marketing.

And we hope you’ll attend “What? No Program? Reevaluating your Event’s Onsite Print Vehicles” on Wednesday, May 3, 3:15 p.m., with Jenn Waters, Assistant Publisher & Digital Media Manager, CustomNEWS.

Why keep printing? We’re finding that as mobile app adoption rates rise, conference organizers are reevaluating the role of onsite print communications vehicles. Perhaps some of these questions have come up during your discussions about what to print: Continue reading

Have You Read these Posts?

We’re excited to announce that our blog has had more than 2,200 visitors and 3,900 views since its launch two years ago. Here’s a look at the top 5 blog posts so far in 2017:

Share conference highlights via an email to all members that showcases the post-conference highlights issue of your show daily.

Showcase Photos and Videos in Your Show Daily: A show daily can be much more than a one-off print vehicle. Producing a post-conference digital issue creates a tool for sharing conference news, photos and videos to a wide audience – while only needing to direct them to one site. Read more…
Continue reading

Social Media’s Impact on the Attendee Experience

Promote social media channels such as Instagram with collages of posts.

This Wall Street Journal article on social media’s impact on face-to-face attendance at conferences has gotten a lot of buzz since it was published last week. The author provides some great tips on using social media to enhance attendance by networking, building connections and expanding your reach. I particularly like the suggestion of booking tables at different restaurants each night to play host to theme dinners.

It’s no secret that social media has had a (mostly positive) impact on the meetings industry. Of course, when an attendee tweets about shuttle bus problems or over-packed sessions, a meetings organizer may question its benefit. But overall, the good usually outweighs the bad – afterall, it’s free marketing for your association. Continue reading

Incorporating Print into Green Initiatives

Show dailies can be your go-to onsite communications vehicle.

TSNN recently published an article on ways to “green” your tradeshow, to which CustomNEWS contributed a few suggestions. But we caution against eliminating all print materials, which is what seems to be the first comment during a “going green” discussion:  “print is bad, no more print.” But print has been such a main-stay, both in our daily lives and at conferences, is it really smart to just eliminate all print materials? We recognize that as event technologies become the norm – mobile apps, online planners, etc. – the role of print materials at a conference is changing, but it’s still a necessary component.

Print’s not going away – show dailies are alive and well, CustomNEWS is picking up new clients and seeing ad revenues grow, resulting in bigger issues. Part of that growth is due to organizations taking a strategic look at what print offers their organization (revenue, content marketing channels), attendees and exhibitors. Rather than doing away with print, there could be a more cost-effective path to take. Print show dailies do more than share schedules and exhibitor list – they showcase content, and curate content to repurpose throughout the year.  Continue reading