No Tote Bag? What about a Polybag?

If you were to look at a conference's sponsorship prospectus in 2019, you'd probably see a lot of "tried and true" offerings that often get scooped up very quickly. But when the COVID-19 pandemic required an immediate shift to virtual events, sponsorship prospectuses ended up in the trash. Lanyards, hotel keys, tote bags and escalator … Continue reading No Tote Bag? What about a Polybag?

2021: The Year of Hybrid Events?

If 2020 was the year of the virtual event, what's the outlook for 2021? I do not think anyone expects "the same ole" meeting environment. Virtual platforms became the "go-to solution" when COVID-19 brought the industry to a standstill. And now, as vaccine rollouts become more encouraging, does this mean "same ole, same ole" live … Continue reading 2021: The Year of Hybrid Events?

Yes, Virtual Events Need Printed Materials

Over the past few years, there's been a trend in the events industry to reduce the amount of printed materials at meetings and trade shows. Mobile apps have made some of these printed items obsolete, but not everything can be replaced with an app. Print for Virtual? Now, with the majority of events taking place … Continue reading Yes, Virtual Events Need Printed Materials

Blog Round-up: Printing for Virtual Events

Digital marketing quickly became the go-to tool for promoting virtual events. Paid advertising, email blasts and social media campaigns all help get the word out. But is digital enough? Don't overlook the role that print can play as a marketing tool. Inboxes are over-flowing, we're maxing out on screen time...why not send a print preview … Continue reading Blog Round-up: Printing for Virtual Events

COVID-19: Top Ten Posts

Seven months ago, we didn't quite know what the impact of COVID-19 would be on the meetings industry. Though we're still not quite sure what 2021 will bring, it's been a year to learn (a lot), try new things and think outside the box. CustomNEWS created our COVID-19 resources page to share ideas, content and … Continue reading COVID-19: Top Ten Posts

Blog Round-up: Case Studies

Over the past eight months, CustomNEWS has added more than 25 posts to our COVID-19 resources page. Topics have included digital publishing, the role of print, resources for exhibitors and much more. Our next few posts will highlight some of this content, as we prepare to add new content in December. Going Virtual? Don’t Overlook … Continue reading Blog Round-up: Case Studies

Going Virtual? Don’t Overlook Print!

Reach attendees & members at their homes in office with print preview and/or highlights issues. While there has been a movement to "print less" at onsite events over the past few years, attendees still seek out printed materials. Having access to daily schedules, vendor lists and exhibit hall floor plans in print format can be … Continue reading Going Virtual? Don’t Overlook Print!

Monthly Round-Up: June’s Popular Posts

During the month of June, we added 11 posts to our blog, focused on marketing and communications ideas related to the impact of COVID-19. We wrote about the potential role for print publications, ideas for canceled events, sharing content and much more. We wanted to highlight a few of the month’s popular posts, along with … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: June’s Popular Posts