Incorporating Print into Green Initiatives

Show dailies can be your go-to onsite communications vehicle.

TSNN recently published an article on ways to “green” your tradeshow, to which CustomNEWS contributed a few suggestions. But we caution against eliminating all print materials, which is what seems to be the first comment during a “going green” discussion:  “print is bad, no more print.” But print has been such a main-stay, both in our daily lives and at conferences, is it really smart to just eliminate all print materials? We recognize that as event technologies become the norm – mobile apps, online planners, etc. – the role of print materials at a conference is changing, but it’s still a necessary component.

Print’s not going away – show dailies are alive and well, CustomNEWS is picking up new clients and seeing ad revenues grow, resulting in bigger issues. Part of that growth is due to organizations taking a strategic look at what print offers their organization (revenue, content marketing channels), attendees and exhibitors. Rather than doing away with print, there could be a more cost-effective path to take. Print show dailies do more than share schedules and exhibitor list – they showcase content, and curate content to repurpose throughout the year.  Continue reading


What’s Your Rainbow Bagel?

Having a show daily at your next meeting or event may not save lives, but it could save a tradition that you didn’t realize was important to your attendees.

CustomNEWS recently published a newspaper in conjunction with a fundraising walk that was celebrating its 10th anniversary. Before the event, our reporter was interviewing past participants about their favorite memories of past walks. Some of them mentioned the rainbow-colored bagels that were always waiting for participants and family members to enjoy after the walk. Continue reading

Link Share Friday – September 25, 2015

Articles we’re sharing this week focus on publishing, social media, marketing and outsourcing. And scroll down to read the digital preview issue for ALC ’15.

Q&A: 3 Tips to Boost Your Event Marketing via @AssociationsNow

  • Showcasing the content from your meeting is a great way to market your event. A show daily is not only an onsite communications tool, but a marketing resource to use throughout the year!

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