When to Bring in an Expert?

Conference organizers have always had many moving parts to juggle; but that's expanded ten-fold now thanks to the impact of COVID-19 on the meetings industry. An interesting article from Naylor looked at the benefits of adding a third-party planner to your team. The same could be said for working with an experiences conference publisher such … Continue reading When to Bring in an Expert?

No Tote Bag? What about a Polybag?

If you were to look at a conference's sponsorship prospectus in 2019, you'd probably see a lot of "tried and true" offerings that often get scooped up very quickly. But when the COVID-19 pandemic required an immediate shift to virtual events, sponsorship prospectuses ended up in the trash. Lanyards, hotel keys, tote bags and escalator … Continue reading No Tote Bag? What about a Polybag?

Visit CustomNEWS at #ASAE18

Tim Mercer & Jenn Waters look forward to meeting attendees in Chicago during the ASAE Annual Meeting. Together, Tim & Jenn have more than 40 years of experience in the show daily business. Be sure to stop by booth #905 to say hello and learn more about what show dailies offer your attendees, exhibitor and … Continue reading Visit CustomNEWS at #ASAE18

Everyone Benefits from a Show Daily

Did you know that attendees, exhibitors and the association will all benefit from having a conference show daily? Each may take away something different from the publication, but it will definitely raise the status of your event. Check out our blog posts for more on how each group would benefit: Five Ways Exhibitors Benefit from … Continue reading Everyone Benefits from a Show Daily

A Show Daily is the Solution

Do any of these scenarios apply to your organization? We want to print fewer, but not completely eliminate, onsite printed materials at our conference. Our conference program looks great, but we have to print a last-minute addendum because the program’s produced four weeks in advance. Our staff is stretched with onsite responsibilities, but we need … Continue reading A Show Daily is the Solution