Recommended Reading: Promoting Content

Show those not attending what they are missing.

Do you create great content, then wonder, why isn’t anyone reading it? It could be because they don’t know it’s out there. Here’s a great post from the Content Marketing Institute, 7 Promotion Tactics to Get Your Content Noticed.

Almost all of these suggestions can be applied to your conference content, whether it’s being generated by your show daily’s reporters, committee members, bloggers, etc. Don’t stop promoting content just because the conference ended. Continue reading


Headed To #MMCCon? So Are We!

Attendees enjoy catching up on conference news via the show daily.
Attendees enjoy catching up on conference news via the show daily.

CustomNEWS is looking forward to exhibiting at its first ASAE Membership, Marketing and Communications conference. It’s not only offering us a chance to meet marketing and communications managers we haven’t crossed paths with yet, but also because of the topics that will be covered over the two-day program. We’re planning to attend the sessions on Snapchat and content marketing.

And we hope you’ll attend “What? No Program? Reevaluating your Event’s Onsite Print Vehicles” on Wednesday, May 3, 3:15 p.m., with Jenn Waters, Assistant Publisher & Digital Media Manager, CustomNEWS.

Why keep printing? We’re finding that as mobile app adoption rates rise, conference organizers are reevaluating the role of onsite print communications vehicles. Perhaps some of these questions have come up during your discussions about what to print: Continue reading

Blog Round-Up: Content Marketing

Content is king – we hear that phrase quite often. But are you doing enough to maximize the reach of the great content being shared at your conference. A number of our posts relate to content marketing – here’s a look at a few we’ve posted on the topic:

Creating Year-Round Content: Start with the Opening Keynote:  Over the next few months, we’ll write about ways to generate different types of content from a show daily article/conference event. We’re going to work under the assumption that you have a show daily editorial team onsite (at least one photographer and reporter) covering sessions. Read more.
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Recommended Reading: Digital Publications

Expand your show daily's reach with a daily email newsletter to promote the content.
Expand your show daily’s reach with a daily email newsletter to promote the content.

Over the past 10 years, digital publishing software has strengthened the role of the print publication. Digital versions now expand audiences, offer a lower-cost subscription option and can be easily shared on social media. Here’s a great post from Nxtbook, Should I have a website or a digital publication?, on the topic.

CustomNEWS creates digital versions of every show daily we produce – we do not think reading a few session recaps will cannibalize face-to-face attendance. Blogs, social media channels and email newsletters are just a few of the channels that digital versions can be shared on. But, first you need content – and your conference’s print show daily is the ideal source for content to use throughout the year. Continue reading

Finding Adventure, Camaraderie and Self-Confidence in Unexpected Places

I (Jenn Waters) recently celebrated my 15th anniversary with CustomNEWS, Inc. I worked my way from production assistant up to assistant publisher during that time – and have learned so much about the meetings industry, printing, traveling and so much more.

I recently wrote a blog post on this milestone for the Association for Women in Events (AWE), which you can read here.

It’s been quite the journey, and I look forward to what’s in store for my next 15 years!

A Show Daily is the Solution

feb newsletter screen shotDo any of these scenarios apply to your organization?

  • We want to print fewer, but not completely eliminate, onsite printed materials at our conference.
  • Our conference program looks great, but we have to print a last-minute addendum because the program’s produced four weeks in advance.
  • Our staff is stretched with onsite responsibilities, but we need to generate content for social media posts, newsletters, etc.
  • Event photography’s taxing our budget.
  • We need new ideas for our high-impact sponsorships for exhibitors.

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Link Share Friday – January 29, 2016

Show dailies share the news attendees are seeking.
Show dailies share the news attendees are seeking.

Today we’re sharing articles about gamification, exhibitor marketing and hashtags. And scroll down for links to additional posts about the value of publishing a show daily.

Integrating Elements of Gamification Into Your Association’s Social Media Strategy via @InclineMktg

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Link Share Friday – January 15, 2016

Microsoft PowerPoint - ASAE POWERPOINT - JENNS SLIDESToday we’re sharing articles about social media. And scroll down for to view the slides from “Stretch Your Conference Content,” presented at the ASAE 2015 Annual Meeting.

12 Ways to Use Social Media Before and During an Event via @AssocMarketer

  • Social media is free marketing – and needs to be a part of your conference’s marketing/communications strategy. You don’t have to be on every social media channel out there. If your attendees/audience are not on Snapchat, then you don’t have to be. Twitter and Instagram have the most “live interaction,” and depending on your industry, Pinterest may be a must as well. Facebook and LinkedIn are also important, but for real-time updating, it will be Twitter and Instagram. CustomNEWS will provide show daily links to share via social media; reporters can post quotes from speakers in real-time; and we’ll give you photos each night for a daily photo album that can be shared via Facebook and Flickr.

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Elevating Your Meeting’s Greatness

You know when a client says something – innocently over coffee, perhaps – but it hits home in a way you didn’t see coming?

During a planning meeting, one of our clients was talking about all the reasons to continue to publish a show daily. It helps them retain and curate the meeting’s content, offers a great way for exhibitors to get traffic to their booth, provides attendees with efficiently-distributed news and meeting information they will actually see and read, and is produced with no association budget required. Continue reading