Recommend Reading: Event Metrics

Higher attendance? More exhibitors? Growth in sponsorship revenue? There are so many ways to measure an event’s success – here’s a great article from SmartMeetings, 6 Ways to Measure an Event’s Success? Here’s a quick look at how a show daily can play a role/impact some of these measurements. Continue reading

Show Dailies: Unique Advertising Opportunities

Generate advertising revenue with a New Product Showcase.
Generate advertising revenue with a New Product Showcase.

Show dailies are a niche publication – while a good amount of pre-planning goes into the publication, what makes it unique is the overnight turnaround. Last-minute changes, reception photos and much more can be accommodated in a show daily because you have all day to work on it, much like your local newspaper.

Along those same lines, show dailies offer your exhibitors and sponsors different ways to reach their target audiences – attendees and association members, resulting in a new non-dues revenue stream for your organization. Continue reading

Sponsors Looking for that “Big Splash”?

Add a show daily distribution package to your sponsorship offerings!
Add a show daily distribution package to your sponsorship offerings!

ROI, uniqueness and visibility are three words commonly found in discussions with potential sponsors. Companies are seeking strategic opportunities that will build brand awareness, drive booth traffic and help them stand out on a crowded show floor. Here are a few ways to craft sponsorship offerings using the show daily:

Single-sponsored show daily: Offer exclusive advertising to one company seeking to reach a wide audience while also supporting a critical attendee-benefit. The package could include one or two full page ad placements (i.e. inside front cover and/or back cover), a pg. 1 strip ad thanking the sponsor and a “word from the sponsor” section featuring a press release and image. Could also be combined with the distribution sponsorship. Costs: will vary depending on the number of issues and quantity, as well as the services provided by CustomNEWS (onsite reporters or photographers and distribution team). Continue reading

Better Together: Do Print and Digital Create Stronger Conference Communications?

Last year I wrote a blog post about how your vendor-partners can work together to bring more to your conference. As we continue to expand our network, we’re doing more to connect with other vendors that have services that our products complement, i.e. the conference mobile app. With increases in app usage rates and the rising costs of printing a traditional program, is there another option out there? Other than just not printing anything of course.

Yes – the show daily.  Continue reading